The Meeting of an Avatar Part II

I placed my call to Hern, we chatted about a few casual things. I kept getting interrupted by Andrew, to “DO IT”. I then said to Hern that I really needed to tell him something, I could tell he detected the fear in my voice and he knew I was serious. In a kind way Hern asked me what it was and assured me I could tell him what ever I wanted, because our call was confidential. Although he is a very good reader I don?t believe that what would happen next is what Hern saw coming. I was nervous, and began to tell him. I told him I knew his name was Martin, I knew about the loss of a son, I told him
that his son kept leading me on the network to call him and to further check who he was. I told him his son told me to admit all of it and everything would be all good. Hern became silent for a moment and I was shaking, within seconds it was OK,

Hern told me all I said was the truth about him, his son, the book, et. When I asked him why his son would do this to me, Hern replied “because he considered me his Soul Family”. Hern also told me that today was his birthday and this is the best gift his son could give him and he went thru me to give his father a present” I was speechless. And then that voice said to me “see I told you it?s all good, I told you my dad was not going to be mad”. I thanked Hern for everything and I asked if it would be ok for me to call
him Martin in our future calls, Of course it was.

Within the next month, I made several calls to Martin, he would go deeper into conversations about Andrew, he told me about PureHeart, I told him I already knew, Andrew showed me the site. Martin laughed! He told me about Connie?s blogs. Yep, Andrew showed me that too. I was interested in a copy of the book that Andrews
Mom had written for him. I remember the morning I placed the order, gloomy & gray were the sky?s that day and rain to be expected. Sitting in my room with excitement to place my order and just as I hit my pay-pal key a beam of very bright sunlight came blazing thru the heavy gray sky from the south -east window in my room and was
shinning on me. By the way, the shades were closed. Oh my, Andrew thank you, I thought. it was as if he was happy I was getting his book and he was smiling at me all at the same time and I knew I was Blessed.

A couple weeks passed as I waited for my copy of “No Regrets”. I remember the day I received it. I drove home from work that afternoon, my stress level was high from a snowballing day of events that were out of my control. In the car I kept asking Andrew for help to over come that day. That was what Andrew’s father would tell me to do when things were rough. It was a Friday and I was desperately in need of a calm, peaceful
weekend. Arriving home still frustrated, I parked my car, walk to the mailbox and instantly felt as if a hundred pounds had just been lifted off of me. There it was, the book, I was so excited that I started to forget how that day rocked every nerve in me. It was like a sudden feeling of peace and serenity that flowed into my whole body.
I rushed into the house, tossed dinner in the oven and stated reading the book.

Andrew?s story was so incredibly amazing that I had to read it one more time. It?s a story that will make you laugh, cry and touch the deepest part of your soul. What a wonderful teaching Andrew has left the world. I have a library in my home office where I store my books when completed. But this one was different, it didn’t belong on a shelf. Instead it remains to this day on my nightstand and everyday of my life I get to see and feel the energy of that beautiful smile. Although we live in different States throughout the next year I built a friendship with Connie and Martin on facebook and would listen to their “Shift Happens” radio and internet show. I have learned so much from them and
Andrew. Because of them I know I have grown more with my own spirituality and I keep a very open mind. I know how to look for signs and I know that we are always surrounded by loved ones.

But like everyone else of course I am human and I do have my moments and question why things happen the way they do sometimes, and why bad things sometimes happen to good people. When I call Martin to talk about things he always helps me to make sense of it. I also want to mention there have been times when I was on the brink of a breakdown and I went to call Martin and either his line was filled with calls or he is off line for a few days. I would begin to feel more frustrated and upset than ever, but for some reason a calming would come over me and I firmly believe it is Andrew taking over for his father. It?s as if he is saying to me that it is OK that his Dad was not available because it is meant to be that way at the moment and it is up to me to take a deep breath and focus on my situation.

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