The cd will be in next Wed Jan 18th. Martin sent the graphics incorrectly so that pushed back the expected date. Sooooo the PureHeart “Only Love is Real Unplugged” cd release party is now on Saturday the 24th at The Irish Rover. Music starts at 7:30p.m. Usually Bobby goes on first for about an hour or so, then Martin will go up.

We also have a page on here of our show’s description. If you want info on it or want to give someone info on our show you can send them to this page. A Musical Evening With PureHeart As I am writing this Martin is still working on the corrections.

Martin and I have been diligently collecting info on places for us to contact around SW Fl. We’ve been looking at Unity churches, Church of Religious Science, and similar places. If you know of any in your area, please send them our way. (I found the info you gave me Dana) We are organizing all our data and setting up a system so we stay on top of all of this. We really want to do this right. Our goal is to have several shows a weekend between Fri-Sun. Of course we are open to any day. We are looking from Tampa to Naples to Orlando. Within around a 2 hr drive one way. Once done here, then we’ll be looking on the east coast of FL. After FL we are looking at So-Cal the end of May beginnin of June. Then on to Michagan.

Hopefully one day soon, people will be calling us, asking us to come to their venue! That’s what I am affirming anyway.

That’s all I got for now peeps.


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7 Responses to THE LATEST CD INFO

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Seeeee? That’s why I said wait! You should oughta listen to me more often. ROFLMAO!!! But you know it’s all in Divine Order and with Divine Timing anyway, right? (no tomato throwing, Connie!!!!)

  2. admin says:

    *chucks cherry tomatoes at Leah* It was Martin that made the cd late!!! He didn’t send the graphics in the right format. It’s not a big deal anyway, all I have to do is let Bobby know we’ll be there next Sat. It’s not like we are renting the place or anything. Just taking over a table. There will be a crowd there what ever Sat we go.

    How much time does Carole need to schedule a show? Martin is going to call again Tuesday.

  3. Leah Clark says:

    *chucks green olives at Connie* It’s always something with those guys. And I might actually be able to make it next Saturday – I’m working this weekend.

    I think it just depends on what’s on the calendar – tell her you want something ASAP and I’m sure she’ll find the time. Let me know if he doesn’t get through on Tues… um, I mean later today. LOL

  4. Dana says:

    Michigan! Yaaaaay! Oh I hope you get a booking up here – especially on my side of the state! How much fun will that be?
    *has an idea*

    Hey Connie – can you email me your info on the show? I has an idea!

  5. admin says:

    Hey they better be greek olives! I loves my greek olives. *catches them with mouth* *chucks broccoli flourets*

    Done Dana.

  6. Leah Clark says:

    hahaha – at first I thought you typed “geek olives”!

  7. Swati says:

    Oh thank God you postponed the show!

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