Andrew surprised me today by greeting me by his door IV pole free!! He can now be off the IV’s for 12 hours At a time!! Woot WOot! He’s only on one bag of fluids and as long as he drinks 32 oz of water a day plus whatever else he drinks, he can stay off the IV for 12 hrs.

He was giddy like a little girl! lol Thought he was going to do a cartwheel! I think he woulda tried if the room was bigger! :-)

Trish, his NP spotted a sore in the back of his mouth by his left molar. Martin took a look and saw it too. It was small, Andrew didn’t even feel it. After what he went thru the first time, anything is better and doesn’t hurt.  SO Martin said “ok Andrew let’s get rid of it.” Martin does what he does and Andrew does his thing. Trish came in later and it was gone!! Non existent!! Ceased to be! Even Martin said he wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t of seen it to begin with. He would’ve thought Trish was mistaken.

His ANC was 218.7 Sat. His platelets were 76,000 which is great and his hemoglobin is hovering right around 97,000 or so. Trish said that when he got the blood products with the intestinal bleed they were very pleased with his quick response, it was almost immediate. He felt good right away. Not all kids do.  Andrew’s response is what they hope for. It gives them an idea how he will do in transplant.

Also how quickly his numbers come down and go back up is a good indicator how fast the transplant time will go. Right now his numbers are dropping slowly. It’s not a bad thing just a slow thing, which means we may not be home by Christmas. SO Andrew is working on that now. Getting his numbers to drop quicker then come back up again. The quicker that happens the sooner we can get home before transplant & maybe be home for Halloween.

Everything is continuing to go extremely well!!! Which does a mama gene good!! :-)

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