I was watching Kathy Griffin’s “My Life On The D-List” Booo fricikity hooo Kathy! At least she’s on a damn list! I’m not even on the Z-list! I’m not even on a list’s radar!!! The list does not exist for me! ARRRRRRRGGGGGG! *ennnnd rant*

Anyhooo, I watch it because I can dream can’t I?? I can dream of performing at Madsion Square Garden or a venue like it, in front of 5,000 seat sold out show. How cool would that be? A. VERY! I was watching the show last night and I like what she said to her “people,” she calls them “Team Griffin” I thought, “Yea, I like that! “Team Jordan!” It has a nice ring to it.

I already have people that want to be on my “Team” to help make me look good but I don’t have enough going to hire my “Team” yet. Maybe next year I can start assembling my “Team” one by one. Elatia is my make up artist AND photographer. Our cuz Chrissy is our assistant. If we go on the road, my sis in law Anne Maire, would be the assistant to the assistant and her hubby Tony, would be our driver. Tony drives 18 wheelers in N. Ireland. So driving a tour bus is no big deal, right? Chrissy’s lil sister, ClaireAnne, her boyfriend, Christopher, said he’d love to be my hairdresser on the road. ClaireAnne does facials, nails, etc.

See? I’m covered. That’s a pretty nice “Team” for “Team Jordan.” Most of them live in N. Ireland mind you. Actually, Elatia is the only one who doesn’t. I’ll have to smuggle them in a little at a time. ;-)

Why am I writing about this? Because this is what I work on thinking about instead of going into the deep despair of missing Andrew. It doesn’t always work, but at least it does sometimes.

I am a legend in my own mind….just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with me! :-D


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3 Responses to TEAM JORDAN

  1. Leila says:

    What a great team you have lined up! can’t wait to see you all in action!

  2. Lord Horus says:

    Don’t forget the 6 foot 300 lb Dark Angel Bodyguard. ;)

  3. Pretty Mama says:

    ooops! My bad Jeremy! Definitely need security! You would definitely look menacing enough…in a big dark angel menacing but loving sort of way! lol

    It really is a great team Leila! My Irish family ROCKS! AND are very talented too! I miss them loads. Our goal is to spend 3-5 months in N. Ireland so green cards aren’t an issue. Just have all of us live between both countries. That was my goal when Andrew was here as well so he could have more time with his Irish family. He loved being there with his cousins and friends. He had loads of both. I don’t have family on my side really. It’s nice to have so much family, you certainly never get lonely!

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