Just want to remind everyone that we will be doing our first radio show tonight since April!

Martin and Jeremy will be the hosts along with Andrew. I am the co-host and will try to keep them on topic. HA HA HA! And make sure that they explain themselves because Goddess knows what’s gonna come out of their mouths! :-0 Pray for me!!!!!! LOL

It’s at 9p.m. EST on Blog Talk Radio

You can call in with comments or questions. AND there is a chat room too kiddies! Just go to the website to get all the info!!!!

the website url is


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  1. admin says:

    OK! SO I was wrong! Pray for everyone else! What can I say?? I was on a roll and hit a hot button with me. I will be good next week, I promise…….*crosses fingers behind back* :-D

  2. Karen says:

    ((((((Connie, Martin and Jeremy)))))) AHHH SHOOT, I had a brain fart tonight….and made the mistake to hold onto the thought that the show starts at 9PM, not remembering that it was 9EST, not 9PST…Of course I go on to the website, no show happening then…there ‘s my brain fart moment!

    I sure hope your first show back was a great success with great insights! Darn it…I won’t be able to tune in for two more weeks, I will be on the cruise then, but I will be sure when I do check the show out, it’s 6P my time 9P yours! ;-)

    Love and huggies!

  3. Karen T. says:

    Be good?! Why!? It was great! The parenting thing is a hot button for me too. I am not coming from the metaphysical end of things, like yourself, but in general it aggravates the piss out of me. Kudos Connie for speaking the truth!!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Karen T! I figured since I didn’t hear from anyone that maybe I ticked some people off and crossed the line….oh who am I kidding? I slaughtered the line, the line was non existent, there is no line! :-D

    SO thanks!

  5. Leah Clark says:

    “You’re so far past the line… the line is a dot to you!” Joey from Friends

    Connie, you gotta say what you gotta say. I was thinking about you today and wondering if it made you feel better to speak out. My favorite part of the show was listening to Martin and Jeremy giggle! And then at one point someone said something about “fairy” in the same sentence with “Martin”, and I typed, “Martin’s a fairy? I didn’t know that…” Nobody got the joke but me. (Sigh)

  6. Swati says:

    LOL!!! Yes, I thought Martin and Jeremy laughing in the background was the funniest too! I’m sure Andrew was in fits as well. LMAO! You were very funny too Connie. Your ranting was very funny. I was sitting here and laughing with them. I was sorry the show ended so soon. I know you were talking seriously…but you were hilarious!

  7. admin says:

    Well, that’s how I roll Swati! :-D If I’m gonna rant, I wanna make u laff too! Next week will be 90 mins.!!! Let’s see what damage I can do then!! ROFLMAO! Oh that’s right, Muck is on.

    Ummm Leah there has been talk about Martin being a fairy…..but he swears he’s an elf LOL Of course I was too busy ranting to notice the chat room. I couldn’t get it to work, I thought screw it, so a ranting I did go! :-D

  8. Denise says:

    You were just Awesome. You say it like it is !!!! no stutter !!!!

    and you were soooooo funny as usual

    Love you


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