I really do get it. I get the fact that the 3 of us contracted for this hard, sacred journey. I get it that Andrew wasn’t going to stay no matter what we did. I get it that there is a much bigger picture in all of this. I get it that Andrew is an Avatar and is doing amazing things where he is back at our REAL home. (a castle I might add) I get that he is NOT really gone, just on a higher vibration. I get it that our Earth life isn’t the real deal, just a place to learn, that there is so much more than being here. That is what is helping to keep me somewhat sane in all of this and off any medication….so far.

The issue I have here is, is that I want to FEEL the bigger picture! It’s one thing to know it, I want to feel it so I can be excited about it. Right? How the hell am I suppose to be excited about my son’s ascension?? Yea, I’m not sure either, I just know that that is what Andrew wants. I know he wants me to be happy even though he left me dammit! *stomps feet in 1 long tantrum* So that is what I am working on. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do!!

I am desperately trying to focus on who he is now. I guess as times goes on it will become easier. It’s just so easy to focus on who he was here because that’s where all of my experience is with him.

I’m going to have Martin do a regression with me so I can go and be where Andrew is for awhile. I think it will help me to accept better where he is now if I can spend some time with him there. Maybe give me a glimpse into what we have coming up. :-D A Mom can dream can’t she??


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  1. Denise says:

    Hey Darlingk

    I think the regression is a great idea!!!! That might even help you to be able to see him more as Martin does. It might take a couple of sessions to reset the Mama gene a little!!!!!

  2. Karen says:

    “A Mom can dream can’t she??”


    What a terrific idea Connie to do a regression. And as Denise says, it may take a few sessions to be where you want to be. I just have this feeling when you do met Andrew where he’s at, he will have many gifts to give you, gifts you can place into your heart to help you through the hardest of minutes, hours, days, months, etc…

    Hugs, K

  3. Dana says:

    As you are so fond of saying…

    It’s All Good!

    *huge huggles*

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Girlies! I added a bit more to the blog. I wrote it late last night so it was a bit short. Not that it’s all that long anyway.

    I think so too Karen, one of the gifts being the end of the book. I will end the book with the successful regression of meeting Andrew! How powerful will that be??! I CAN’T WAIT!!

  5. Swati says:

    Oh the regression/meditation to meet Andrew would be amazing Connie!! I pray that you will meet him, and will be more excited than you have ever been all your life! There is this book I read….on OBE’s…I am not able to remember…I’m getting a little senile with age here…but its by a very famous guy who has an institute that teaches all this. Let me go search for it. Ah! Got it! The book is “Ultimate Journey”. It is by Robert Monroe. And his institute is the Monroe Institute. So he specializes in this OBE stuff. And when his wife died, he travelled with her to the place she went to. He even visited her often there, and helped her ease down, and helped himself ease down. It was really awesome to read that. The reason I wrote all this is….I hope you too are able to travel OBE and meet him where he is right now…and then, of course, come back and blog about it for us! :-)

  6. Leila says:

    Pretty Mama,

    It’s not your “job” to make Andrew happy–he Is.
    It’s your “job” to honor your feelings and emotions and to be loving, kind and gentle with yourself.

    Wishing you a soothing, healing, joyful regression and may it fill you with peace.

    Love, hugs and abundant blessings,


  7. kimberley says:

    I can envision you there with Andrew in your castle ( I see high up on the hill, perhaps even a horse ride together?) What a Great end to the 1st book .I’m so excited for you!

  8. admin says:

    I will have to look him up Swati. And of course you know I will be blogging about that!

    I stand corrected Leila so I changed my verbage. He is very happy and I know that he wants me to be happy as well.

    Yes, Kimberly, a horse ride together might be really nice! I hope to be doing it in a day or 2.

  9. Leila says:


    Sorry if it sounded like a correction, just wanted to help your mama gene to re-member that he is happy and loves you just as you are.

    It’s all good!

    Love & hugs

  10. Karen T. says:

    Oh Connie! This sounds wonderful! And I too am hoping for you to be overflowing with peace, love and excitment once you return.

    Huge love!

    Karen T.

  11. admin says:

    ((((Leila))))) No worries! You were right! He is happy.

    Yea, I’m hoping soon to be over flowing with peace, love and excitement Karen. It would be nice for a change.

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