When we did the meditation, we did it in Andrew’s room with me lying in his bed. I still haven’t moved the dragon from the recliner. Don’t have the heart to.

Martin does a guided meditation with me. I go down the 10 steps and at the bottom is Glan Croi in his beautiful green velvet robe & head band with his emerald green heart on it looking so regal. He walks me to these gates that just open and expose our magnificent castle! The draw bridge is down. YAY! The moat I said that was being put in is done!! Awesome! Now my Incarnated Angel friends can’t leave or be talked into coming back! I’ve always said “Party at my castle when we all get over there!” We’re gonna party like it’s 9999!!! ROFLMAO

We walk into the beautiful court yard with tall trees and the most vibrant colorful flowers, where a huge fountain is and some comfortable benches. We sit and I notice the unicorns, fairies, and all kinds of “mythical” creatures roaming around. This is what Andrew meant when he was saying to Martin about this being very real. He wanted to make sure Martin understood what we were seeing was  real. Now as I was saying, the breeze feels great. It is stunning! While I know what Andrew is feeling I don’t really hear him. We sat there looking into one another’s eyes and I know we were communicating. It’s hard to explain, I can see him clearly but I wasn’t feeling it like I wanted to. I was still aware of being in Andrew’s room. I didn’t have an OBE (out of body experience)

When Martin said Andrew was telling me what the bigger purpose was in all of this, to hear it NOW! I was wanting to hear it so bad that I didn’t. But before we left the castle, I did hear him say “It really is all good Pretty Mama!”

When I came out of the light meditation, I then started to really think about seeing him again and that I felt! For a brief moment I could feel what it would feel like to see and hug him again and that was overwhelming. I sobbed at the very thought of it. Geez I’m a mess! Maybe because it felt real for that brief moment and then missing him.

It’s baby steps with me. It will take a few times for me to not be so nervous about it and just let it happen. It’s my fear of not getting anything that’s holding me back. Dumb huh?

When we lay in bed and talk, it’s more casual and I think that will help me to tap in easier. I’ve mentioned that Andrew has been working on the recoding studio for him and Martin. He is working with John Denver in helping Martin put together a music CD. I’m always finding Martin writing words to songs down.

He has my special room with a quartz crystal bed in it with different crystals on it that I can use anytime I want to re-energize.

Andrew is also working on our game room! I can only imagine how macked out that’s gonna be! :-D
Andrew has the same bed as he does here. He uses his bed to meditate. It’s not like you have to sleep but you can if you want. He picked his bed out this past May. He loved it and only got to use it maybe 8 weeks then he was diagnosed. His room there is like his room here only bigger and he has his $16,000 Mac computer that he spent weeks researching.

Adele his OT in the hospital, told me the other day when I called her, that Andrew told her that all he cared about doing was going back to his room. She was kinda surprised on how much he loved his room. I don’t have a fancy house or anything, in fact my pool is broke and is a green algae mess! But people love being here because of the energy. Andrew loved being home because he felt safe and at peace here. Not a lot of teens I know anyway, can say that.

Apparently the other night when we were talking we were hanging in the big kitchen in our castle with actually Andrew’s girlfriend and Cory, one of his friends. Cory was wiping up the flour on the counter with his cat. Something Cory would love to do on the Other Side, believe me! He would try things there he can’t get away with here! LMAO! You’d have to know him to know how true that is! His grandmother reads the blog she can confirm it! :-D

Martin was saying that things are solid there. Like we walk around the table and can walk up the stairs…..if we want. Mind boggling huh?

That’s all I remember for now. I know there is more and I will write about it as I remember it. Is this ok for now Swati?? :-D Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


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  1. Karen T. says:

    Being here and getting all of this wonderful information makes me so at peace…I haven’t been there in a long time! I am no longer afraid of the future, or passing or anything. Thank you so much Connie for sharing all of this…Martin for your wonderful gifts…Andrew for your love, wisdom and blessings!

  2. Swati says:

    I’m so happy you are doing this Connie. The more you do this, the better you will get. A friend of mine can travel OBE into other dimensions/realities without any problems or preambles. No meditation either. I guess everyone is good at different things, and this is her thing. I have gone out on a travel with her once, and it was was mind boggling!! I was scared because I was really out there, travelling in space, and into some Hogwarts type castle. I couldn’t see myself. I was there, but I was invisible to me. It was an experience I never had again. I can’t even tell you how it was!! I didn’t see her either, so imagine my susrprise when I emailed her and asked her…ummm…did we go out at this time, and she replied back describing everything I saw, and everywhere I went??? She is as good with this as I am with opening my fridge and taking out food

    So, the moral of the story is, I know that the more you do it, the better you will get, and I have no doubt that you will be as good as her. It is second nature to her (see? You’re not the only weird friend I have! LOL!!), and I pray this will be second nature to you too. I know how much being with Andrew means to you.

    It was so cool to hear that things are solid there too. Because I am forever imaging vapor like stuff…and everyone being vapor and me turning into vapor too. Nothing to see, nothing to touch. LOL!! I know, Andrew told me that “they up there” are not colorless, odorless inert gases, but I think till I don’t see it for myself, I’ll keep fearing the vapor state, and everything turning boring. LOL!!!

    Thank you for writing all this down. I hope you will take this journey everyday (yes, everyday! LOL!!), and report back everyday. C’mon, it can’t be so hard! You’ll be meeting Andrew everyday if you do this.


  3. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – I can completely relate to what you’re saying, about being afraid you won’t get anything. Sometimes when I go to meditate or when I used to flirt with astral projection, my heart would beat so hard I couldn’t relax enough to get anywhere! You know what I think? I think we KNOW we’re going to have awesome experiences, and it’s scary! You can be scared of something and want it so badly at the same time… as Swati says, the more often you journey, the easier it will get. I predict that this time next year, you’ll be doing your comedy routine and talking about all the cool things you, Martin and Muck have been doing while storming the castle!!!! LOL!!!!!!! So mark your calendar, you’ll owe me a dinner at the Rover for that one!

  4. Dana says:

    *quote*It will take a few times for me to not be so nervous about it and just let it happen. It’s my fear of not getting anything that’s holding me back.*quote*

    See…that’s HUGE for me as well! What’s up with that?

    Just sign me as…

    One of Swati’s weird friends ;)

  5. Susan says:

    OH, I am so jealous! I want to go to your castle! I would love to see what it is like. Do you think we can build whatever we want there? I would love to start now! Maybe a castle or an awesome treehouse. Why limit myself? Maybe BOTH! :D Maybe Andrew will have some tips for us on how to have this experience…

  6. admin says:

    Absolutely Susan!!! In fact, I am blogging about that very question! You must be very psychic! LOL

    I have always kidded around about having a castle on the Other Side. I think it started with Doreen Virtue talking about Wise Ones in class, saying that we were comfortably sitting in our castles on the Other Side when there was a knock at the door from a recruiter for Earth. Us WO were needed because we were powerful. Blah! Blah! blah! LOL I thought “Hmmmm castle! I can dig that! I’ve always been fascinated with them.” And so it began, adding the mote n stuff.

    Imagine my surprise when Andrew said it was really there!

  7. kimberley says:

    Very interesting, I’m a WO, too.
    And now i’m wondering if the visions I’ve had in meditation where of”home”
    it’s a castle, won’t go into all the details but, i was assuming it was a past life memory. Now you’ve got me thinking. I too LOVE everything “castle like”, it just feels so comforting. Your Goddess portrait is absolutely lovely!!! Can’t wait to hear more of your “journeying”

  8. admin says:

    I think the key to all this is just trusting what you get. I just go with it. I was shocked when Andrew said to Martin “Tell Mommy her castle is here and it’s gorgeous!” I mean, I always talked about it and hoped it was there but was surprised to find out that it really is there!

    When I took my mediumship class back in 2002 one of the students saw a dragon with me and had a message about it. From then on I acknowledged my dragon and he was affectionately named “Puff” by Michael Wise from Angel Earth in the Miami 2002 Angel class I staffed.

    To me this is what makes life fun is believing in all this. Castles, fairies, unicorns, dragons, ect. Now I have Andrew confirming it! I forgot all about the castle thing. I would have never even thought to ask about it. But then again I had a lot more other things on my mind.

    SO now I consciously create what I want when I get to the Other Side! It’s fun! I feel like I have something to really look forward to. That no matter what happens here on Earth, I have greater things coming! There’s not a hell of a lot more that can hurt me here now. The worst has already happened! I have experienced the worst thing a parent can experience. It can only go up from here! :-D

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