Andrew is so wonderful & so compassionate! As you know he loved to tell us all of the time how much he loved us when he was here and he continues to do so. He was forever saying “Mama guess what?” Me “What my Sweet?” Muck “I love you!” Me “I love you so much!” Or him and I were always having a contest on who loved each other more. We were always trying to out do one another.

So today I was sweeping in the living room, I took my herbal supplement Alert for quiet subtle energy and they are a working! I’m a busy little bee straightening up. I’m feeling pretty good. I decided it was time to move the coffee table and sweep underneath. I move the table & find upon enough dust bunnies to make a bunny, a sheet of paper ripped from one of my journals with a fairy and dragon on it. Weird I thought. Where did that come from??? It’s been cleaned under there several times since he left. All the furniture has been moved and this paper was never there!

I pick it up and look at it before I was going to throw it away. As I read it I start to get chills as I realize what it really is. It’s not just my writing on a piece of paper but a sign from Andrew! He knows how hard his leaving is on me. I can’t figure out how this paper got under my coffee table. I haven’t seen this paper hanging around anywhere. It’s so odd. But then again his dragon just ended up in his recliner out of the blue & the fairy light turns itself on.

Remember how we would have contests on how much we loved each other. Well, I was trying to out do Andrew one day so I wrote I LOVE YOU 6 times and said “There! I said it more than you today!” So I guess he was trying to out do me today with my own handwriting! I think he’s cheating! LOL How wonderful is he?! He is working so hard to make his leaving as easy as possible on me. What a beautiful son I have!


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8 Responses to WOW! HE IS SO AMAZING!

  1. Swati says:

    And as I was reading this blog entry of yours, the song “My Sweet Lady” started playing in the music player above. He continues to out do you…


  2. admin says:

    Yea he does! And I love it! It’s had for me to hear these songs w/o crying!

    He’d play My Sweet Lady for me. When he was in the PICU the first time and Martin was singing “This Old Guitar” Andrew started to cry and then tell me about his visitation by John Denver as I wiped his tears.

    The other songs we’d listen to on our slumber party nights. SO they all make me cry!

    But he keeps bringing the signs!

  3. Karen T. says:

    Oh Connie, how beautiful! He’s a winning, for sure!

  4. Leah Clark says:

    Wow… got chills reading this one… he’s a good child!!!

  5. Susan says:

    Oh, Connie, that was beautiful! Lots of angel bumps! What an amazing relationship you two have!

  6. admin says:

    While this is so hard on me Susan, I also feel so blessed too! Hence the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.

    He truly is a good child! :-D

  7. Leila says:

    This just warms my heart.

    In regards to the Jekyll & Hyde syndrome.. I know you looove hearing this….You’re normal! Your feelings and emotions are not to be judged
    they are just what they are.

    Thank you for always sharing with such an open heart (and mouth LOL) and feeling safe enough to do so.

    Namaste and lots of love,


  8. admin says:

    LOL Leila!!

    I guess I have to admit to my normalness. If I wanted to be abnormal I would’ve adjusted to Andrew’s ascension with no problem and been filled with the joys of spring! Yeaaaa like that was gonna happen!

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