Thank you Everyone for the support in this latest hospital saga. We had a sweet heart nurse today, Sharon. She adores Andrew & her assistant nurse kicked bootay!! She did the delodid over 10 mins!! Neither of them could understand the 30 min deal. So they confirmed I was not out of line questioning Sandra.

Today was about the same. Fever that actually got up to 39.7 which is over 103! :eek Finally got that down but he was still getting sick. Not eating. Then someone came in and said he was scheduled for an x-ray. Martin told them no. They said “Well, he may not get in today then.” Martin said “You tell them in x-ray boo frickidy hoo!” :lol He actually said that! Like we care if he doesn’t get in that day! Andrew had a high fever, was extremely nauseas and they want him in x-ray?? :eek To quote AL from Tool Time, tool being the operative word! “I don’t think so Tim!” They didn’t even tell us he was scheduled and they think they can just come in & get him?? Ahhhh hell no! Now to quote the soup nazi “No Andrew for you!” :-)
We finally asked for the decatran for the nausea and that did the trick for it. It’s a steroid so we don’t like to use it but we had to do something! He actually ate some trail mix @ 2:30am. He brushed his teeth and used his prescription mouth wash too!! :dog He said he felt awesome! Then he passed out. :lol

I went around the room tonight spraying Martin’s Wizard :WIZ oil blessing the room. It’s potent stuff. The oils in it is what was used by the ancient Celts. Then I went around w/some patoulli. We’ll be doing some heavy energy work, energizing the grind already over Andrew again next time Jeremy gets here. Andrew is asking for it. Jeremy does the Qabbalah magick. You should see the crystal he charged and brought in the beginning!! It went from clear quartz to white smoky quartz. It’s almost back to normal, only the center is white now. I have a quartz crystal cluster charging at home now.

Betsy and Adele did some energy work on him today. They said they took him higher than either of them had been before. Funny, it wasn’t new to Andrew! ;) Betsy said she saw Quan Yin. I always call her in ;) I think these 2 are loving the fact they get to do this stuff at work! :D

A lot of people think I have a lot of courage & strength. I guess I don’t think I have any more than anyone else because of what I see around here. Most parents here have spent more time in a hospital than I have. They are dealing with similar or worse situation than me and they are strong. They are here all of the time. Ok, maybe they aren’t as fun as we are. :lol ….or as purdy :rollin I guess unlike some people, this has only made our marriage stronger and has brought the 3 of us even closer. We do have special & sacred times in here and I know we will be able to fondly look back on these months and remember those times more than anything else. I’m able to do it now.

When faced with something of this magnitude with your child, you will do whatever it takes to be there for your child. You can’t break down or hide. I’d like to but I can’t . To me there is no other choice other than putting on your big girl panties and deal with it. :D :blowkiss

Here’s to a wonderful Wednesday!!


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