We got our very own room!! Not only that, we got a double private room w/2 tv’s!! Hands in the air and say “Haaayyyyyy Ohhhhhhhh! It’s so much better not being so cramped and not having to worry about OPE as Martin calls it “Other People’s Energy” Andrew said he was not liking the energy of the other room anymore. He could feel it but he didn’t smell it. Bless Amy’s heart! I wish she was working so I could give her hug!
Andrew is doing a bit better but it was still a rough day for him Monday. Transplant doc was by and is pleased with his progress. Even tho Martin sees no numbers coming up Dr. Neder said they are. He wasn’t even concerned about Andrew’s orange pee! Yup it’s orange! :eek Andrew was concerned and I told him the doc isn’t concerned so don’t worry. His pee had been pretty clear until Sunday. :\

He is still having the pain in his upper back. We think it’s from laying in one position too long and then moving. Betsy wasn’t in today for him to get his massage. I think that’s all he needs. He hasn’t eaten since Sat. but his weight hasn’t gone down too much. Let’s hope today all that turns around. I want to cook him a steak!

He is having a ton of blood work done now preparing for transplant. They took a bunch of vials of blood this a.m. He’ll be going for a bunch of tests too for transplant to make sure he’s healthy enough. They check his heart and all other organs. They have a dentist here that he has to see. They said we could take him to our dentist :lol they’re funny. Who can afford them here?? Our dentist is in Ireland! :D

I’m guessing it’s about to get overwhelming again. :( Andrew had a chest x-ray last night. There will be more cat scans and mri’s & God knows what else. At least they are non evasive tests, just a lot of them. I guess they are prepping us to go home and for when we come back they can just jump right in.

We are still holding the truth of his blast cells being less than 5%!! Megan, the one whose were at 60%?? She’s down to 2%!! :eek How exciting for her huh?? I am so happy for her. This is her 3rd relapse so the odds were against her. She’s a tough kid! Their energy is bit chaotic for us but it works for them. She’ll be joining us on the transplant side soon after we are there.

So I am continuing to know and feel the truth of Andrew’s blast cells are well below 5 % !!!

So far any parent I’ve come across from transplant is happy. They don’t look over stressed. Things seem to be going smoothly. I think after what they have already been thru, transplant is a piece of cake it appears. Here’s affirming that one!! Can I get a hallelujah!!…. Can I get an AMEN!!….. I know Andrew has been to hell and back! Transplant has got to be easier!

Well, for now we are just enjoying our room. All the space and ONLY our energy in here!! :dog It’s a beautiful thing!! Ahhhhhhhh


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