Lost and Found

Andrew has done something new. He’s been having things disappear and reappear now. Not sure what the purpose is yet, but I’m sure I’ll find out when the time is right.

The first thing that went missing out of the blue was his Naruto headband. He wore that in the hospital everyday. He was just so excited when he got it. I was there when he ordered it on E-Bay, and he just couldn’t wait to get it. E-Bay was his crack in the hospital, and we wanted to make sure he always had his fix! It’s the least we could do for him. He wore that headband at his FUNeral service as well, they thought it was a belt, hahaha. We had to tell them it was a headband. I know he got really skinny, but c’mon! We keep it on the arm of his meditation chair in his room on top of his green camo shorts that he always wore, even in hospital. That’s where it’s always been since he left. If we have to move it to use Andrew’s chair, we place it on his bed then replace it when we’re done.

Right before we moved Kaliana’s crib into his room so our friends Anthony and Eddie could have the back room, the headband disappeared. We looked down inside the chair, around and under his chair. The bed, pillows, dresser, closet, you name it, we looked for it. I knew none of Martin’s clients would have taken it. They have always been respectful of Andrew’s room. I was a little disappointed we couldn’t find it. But I thought maybe it was a lesson in letting go of material things so I could focus more on who Andrew is now. I thought maybe it’s also to let go of the belief that I needed things of his to feel close to him. I know I don’t need them, but I do love having them. There’s a comfort for me as a mother to have things of my child around me who has crossed over, and I honor that mother part of me yearning so bad to have my child back with me kissing me, hugging me, and calling me PrettyMama. Is that so wrong? I think not!

Four months goes by, during that time I periodically wonder what the hell happened to Muck’s headband, it was so weird how it just disappeared. But I was ok with where ever it was. I really enjoyed the boys being here, Kaliana was here on weekends, knowing Andrew is a part of our lives still, so I was being occupied with other things that brought me joy during the Naruto headband’s walk about in the ethers. I just released my ties to the headband and figured one day it would show up out of the blue like it disappeared. I was kinda looking forward to seeing how it was going to show up again because I just knew it would.

We move the crib out of Andrew’s room because we have a friend, Lisa McCourt, spending the weekend while she is on her book tour. The boys were moving out that weekend *sad face* so the crib can go back into the back bedroom. I change all the sheets on Andrew’s bed so everything got moved around, his pillows, his stuffed animals. Lisa spends the weekend, the boys move out, *I still have a sad face* but we all had a great time. Everyone leaves and Martin goes into Andrew’s bedroom to straighten up and he hears, “Look under the pillow Daddy.” He does and what does he find? You guessed it I’m sure. He finds Muck’s Naruto headband! Now I KNOW it wasn’t there before! I moved ALL those pillows around to change the pillow cases!

Still not sure what the point of all that was, but the headband is back in it’s rightful place now. *happy face*

While the headband was still on a walk about, my wedding band the Lord Of The Rings, “The One Ring” in gold goes missing. We got those when we renewed our wedding vows with a handfasting in Ireland with Doreen Virtue and Steven Farmer facilitating it in June 2003. One evening a few weeks ago, I had taken all my rings off and put them in my purse one night while out. I distinctly remember consciously putting them in my purse so I wouldn’t forget where I put them. I get home and the next day they are all there but my wedding band. *sigh* Here we go again! What am I not getting?

Again, what the hell? I wasn’t really upset because I knew it would show up, but this time I’m really interested in how because I remember exactly what I had done with my rings, so I KNOW Andrew is involved. I’m wondering if my Avatar son is some sort of klepto now, OR is he just playing with us quantum physically, getting us to really pay attention more to how quantum physics works. Only we could have an Avatar son play with us from the Other Side quantum physically to screw with us! I mean teach us. Maybe turning on the faerie light is so passay for him now, he wanted to step it up, who knows. Although he did turn on his faerie light today for me!

Well, as I was putting things together for our long weekend in Ft Lauderdale and Boca Raton to do a mediumship show, and speak at the Juicy U Conference, I pick up my PureHeart pendant that Andrew helped a friend Swati to make for me, and put it on my dresser. I wanted to have all the jewelry I wanted to bring in one place so I wouldn’t forget it. As I am looking to make sure I have everything all together, I pick up the small bubble wrap that the PH pendant is in and there is my wedding band! Are you kidding me with this? I know it couldn’t have been stuck to the bubble wrap because I had put the ring in my purse! AND I wasn’t wearing the PH pendant! Coincidence? I think NOT! This smells of a certain Avatar fo sho!

Andrew had things disappear and reappear a few more times this past weekend while we were away! This time things weren’t gone that long. Still not sure what this is all about, but we have learned, we just go with the flow and see where our Muck wants to take us. He never steers us wrong. If you have any ideas on this, please share.


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  1. All you can do is go with the flow…funny though when you read it. I’m sure if Andrew had a real important meaning he’d just tell you. Think he’s just playing because you like it that way. Hugs

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