I Never Want To Stop Playing!” *Andrew Jordan* Which is the title of my next book! That’s right! It’s under way!

I was told by Doreen Virtue and Steven Farmer when we were in the hospital with Andrew, that our journey with him needed to be a book. I let them know I was blogging everything and would pull a book together from it after Andrew was healed. I was under the delusion that this whole experience would give Andrew a voice, which I guess it has, but just not in the way I ever imagined!

After Andrew made his journey Home, they both insisted I needed to write the book still. I told them I didn’t want to because the ending SUCKS! The hero doesn’t make it! Who wants to read a story like that? I didn’t! I lived it and that was bad enough! They told me that I still have an important message, our journey would not only help others going through grief, but also share Andrew’s teachings as well and inspire many with his life story.

So here I am to tell you that we have now begun that venture. The ONLY reason I am doing this is because we finally got some help. I have someone that is going to help us market the book. I was on one of my Wise One rants on FaceBook about not being able to find someone to help us get this information out there. We have so much to teach and share! Martin and I have done everything we could to get out there WHILE dealing with our grief. We were done doing it! We needed professional help, as in someone whose expertise was marketing, to help us. Martin and I have a heck of a lot on the ball, but marketing isn’t one of them. We are limited on what we can do.We can’t be good at everything. ;-)

FINALLY someone (Karen Curry) stepped forward and said “Dry your eyes! I’ll help you market the book!” Only another Wise One can get away with that one lemme tell you! LOL  We are in phase 1 of pulling together the 1st book. I thought it was going to be emotionally draining, but it was not! Yet. Martin and I did a lot of work nearly 2years ago putting together a book proposal. In doing that, Martin took the part of the blog for the first book and put it in book format. So that’s all we had to do for phase 1. I thought I was going to have to go through each entry and rewrite it, hence the emotional draining part, but Karen said I didn’t have to right now and may not have to at all. I thought I had to rewrite it in more of a book vernacular instead of a blog vernacular. Apparently not. Now I am just waiting to hear back from Karen what phase II is. It may be me rewriting some posts or going over all of them and making any changes I want. Won’t know until Karen goes over everything and gets back to me.

Our goal is to later in the year have a book campaign on Amazon and get us to #1 or the very least get us the”Best Selling Author” title. After that, hopefully we’ll be able to start a book & concert tour. That would be way cool! Plus start book deuce. Well that’s the plan, and now you are in the know! ;-)


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