Here’s the latest editon of my report. :D
He had a great day today. He is able to drink the shakes so much easier!! Woot Woot! :dog The third one tho, he did vomit. Not so much the shake as it was mucous he did not cough up. He handled it like a champ. His weight stayed the same which is better than losing any. He took in about 1800-2000 calories today!!! WOOT WOOT!

He had yet another LP today that they call an insurance policy. They r using less sedation so he wakes up sooner and not so groggy. He gets another one next Tuesday then he is done w/them as along as his spinal fluid stays clear. :hula Which we know it will because of ALL the love :LOVE he has coming his way!!

Tonight he hasn’t taken any pain medication!! :dog :hula That is a HUGE deal!! Right now we have John Denver playing and I know that helps him to relax. His temp has been normal and so has his blood pressure. :CAT :CAT AND his lung biopsy was neg!! :belly

We won’t be home by my b-day but we may be home sometime next week!! :dog Not sure, but the discharge case worker was in today getting us set up for after care. That’s a good sign right? Check this shiznet out!! She told us that just one of his meds he needs once a week is…now get this…..$1,000 a shot!! :eek :eek He needs 4 a month!! How can anyone afford medical care in this country?? Even a 6 figure income couldn’t cover the cost for his care!! That’s just ONE med! I know they have a lot more planned for him then just that! We don’t have insurance. We are appyling for medicaid to get eveything paid for. There are angencies to help families like us apparently. My money is going for the alternatives. That’s where his real healing is going to matter. Building his immune system & detoxing. This whole thing is probably over $500,000. :eek I’ll stop here before I get on my soap box about this administration and health care!!!

DEEP CLEANSING BREATH NOW!!!!! And centered again. :D

Leah, the Angel that wrote, sang, and recorded a song just for Andrew (YOu can hear it here if u haven’t already at www.myspace.com/ellceeleah ) came by today to meet us. SHe brought home made cookies w/coconut because of my Mounds candy bar entry in the blog. Martin said he saw her wings as soon as he walked into the room!! :lol IF the song and bakin the cookies didn’t give her away the big Angel wings did!! :ANGELS2 :lol :lol We are truly blessed with all the people we have in our lives now.

Andrew got 2 cards form DOwn Under today!! Thank you Renee and Shanntelle (did I sp that right? card is already hanging up & too lazy to get up to check :D ) He loves opening them. He said he saved all the confetti from getting all over :lol I did see a few stray ones! :lol

Karen ANderson sent some cool stuff! SHe sent a John Lennon shirt but she sent him a great meditation CD and Dr. EMoto’s book w/ 2 music cd’s. He was so excited because he wanted that one. Then she sent the reusable LOA water stickers for you bottles and glasses. I put the symbols and affiramtions ones on the glass part of his door. I’m very pleased with that!! SHe sent 2 wooden signs, one saying believe and the other imagine. They look great here. They r black and will look so good in his own bedroom. His room is going to be even more zen when we get home! Can’t be too zen I say!

One nurse ticked me off today. I have a sign on the door that CLEARLY states KEEP DOOR CLOSED AT ALL TIMES! It won’t close on its own, it swings open. SO this nurse we haven’t ha before *sigh* comes in an doesn’t close the door. I tell her the door doesn’t close on it’s own. SHe has the balls to say to me “It doesn’t bother me” Really?? Was this all about her now??!! ARRRRGGG! I said “well, it bothers me AND Andrew.” SHe then sez “what r u going to do if u dont get a private room next time?” :eek ABUH?? WTF?? I said “what next time? There isn’t going to be a next time……BEEYATCH!” OK, that last part was in my head. WHat is she??? NEW?? I hate having to keep training damn nurses! We’ve been here long enough we shouldn’t have to train anyone any more!! GIve us the ones that already know who we are dammit!!

I have to admit it even tho I don’t want to, I’m still scared. :\ There’s a huge part of me that believes that we are thru the worst of it and it’s just going to keep getting better. But that small part is still scared sh**less that there could still be another sucker punch waiting around the corner. I guess because I know there is a plan for continued chemo treatments for a long while like a year or 2. :x Not sure. I keep thinking that w/the alternatives that he won’t have to. But maybe I’m a dreamer. It’s still all so scary. But then sensibility takes over and I know it can be how ever we want it to be. :D Then I remember how much loving, healing energy and prayers are bring sent his way. How can we lose?? WE CAN’T! There’s too big of a purpose in all of this!! Even if we don’t knowwhat it is yet.

So thank you for your continues prayers and wonderful comments!! It keeps me going!! :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE


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