Forgot to mention that yesterday I had to stop off at the office in the clown house because they wanted to talk about our stay. Coming up on 30 days so they “evaluate” to make sure not milking it. Did I write this already?

She gave me a form from the cancer society to help pay for the clown house. I told her that people have been generous and have been helping with that. Plus getting help from the cancer society?? It’s too surreal needing help from the cancer society. Not ready to accept that.

She then gives me a form from the Children’s Wish Foundation (Not the Make A Wish one) she asked was there a dream Andrew had. I said Heck Yea!! Again there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to fill the form out because I feel it will be like claiming the illness. But there is something we want to do for him and didn’t know how we would. But you leave the HOW up to the Universe, right?? So I filled out the form & turned it in. His dream is to go to John Denver’s house and museum in Denver, Co. So we’re suppose to call them in 2 weeks if we dont hear from them. I know his docs will push for him because they love his attitude.

How cool would that be??? Make 2 of his dreams come true??? He’ll get to meet Dr. Emoto in Oct. in Tampa at the ICDI conf. thanks to Steven Farmer!! Andrew is soooooo excited about that!! Then to be able to go to one of his other idol’s houses?? A full circle moment for him indeed after the visitation he had by John Denver recently!! Just makes e cry thinking about it!!

As far as milking our stay?? After telling her that he was having his lung punctured that day and the amount of weight he’s lost….she had her answer! :D


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  1. Wenzday says:

    I posted this on angel therapy but felt I should maybe put this here as well you all are doing really well keep up the great work!! Sorry about all the troubles but that comes with life!! And remember life a game you never want to quit playing!!!

    While we were in Denver that was all i could think about was some how trying to get him here. And how we could swing it I guess great minds think alike huh?? I know all to well about filling out forms and by doing that it feels like you make it reality somehow words written down can help as well as harm and gives power to whatever it is we write on them. BUT in Andrews case it will be a celebration vacation look at that way sweet one. THANK YOU FOR ANDREW’S CELEBRATION VACATION TO DENVER just know we are all here with you on this journey and we love you and your family so much and are here for you always!!

    And side note: between you and me, its ok for the mummy gene to kick in sweetheart thats why were given it!! Thats how you knew it was time to take him to the dr which caught this in time and has saved him. If you were not a good Mum you would have let it go and ignored it thinking he would get better on his own eventually. I have found sometimes things are just bigger than we are and we need more help than what we can do ourselves.
    Also dear sistah I so admire the fact that this was one of those times and you didn’t dig your heels in( you stubborn little red head you ) and say but I can do it ALL hand on hip all defiant (cuz we all know what a good witch you really are and what a wonderful wizzard Martin is) but you grasp this was a bigger thing than you guys could do on your own and knew where to go! Mummy gene is not so bad It served you well through your daughter’s crisis and HAS GOTTEN YOU THROUGH THIS !! Don’t discount the Mummy gene ok?? It also tells you when to be strong for your kids when they need it the most!!
    Once this is all done you can all have a moment to break down cry and scream and say wow that was really freaking( F$%$#$$#$) terrible get it out of your system come out the other side and go wow what great lessons we have learned that need to be shared what insight we have now that we didn’t before. Then we will all put on our celebration hats and celebrate Andrews wonderful healing!! I love you guys and am thinking and praying for you always!

    Hope he gets the card soon I wanted to mail it in Denver but could not find a place to mail it at the air port!!

    AngelWing Hugs & Magik


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