Pronounced Glan Cree. That is the name Andrew told Martin was given to him at his welcome home ceremony/celebration when he ascended. That is Gaelic for Pure Heart.

We finally got our tattoos on Thursday the 13th! Woooo Hooooo! We got them done in Derry by Martin’s cousin, Michael. He does great work but isn’t into keeping appointments on time. A true artist indeed! We were sceduled for 12:30 p.m. and got in about 1:30ish. WHich isn’t bad for Michael.

Martin went first. He’s never had one and this is my 3rd. Martin handled it quite well. Only once did he look at me with pain in his eyes.

I didn’t find it painful at all being done on my wrist. I’m a hard woman I guess! :-D When you’ve given birth totally natural with absolutely no drugs to a 9 lb baby girl, anything else pales in comparison…physically anyway. I saw Elatia in the nursery & thought “Get her school bag! She’s ready for kindergarten!” :-D Then I thought “OMG! I’ll never sit again!” That is why there is 10 yrs. between my kids!

As Michael was doing my tattoo I was nicely surprised & deeply touched at the insight he had about passing on. I didn’t expect it. Most don’t “get it” in Ireland about what REALLY happens when we cross. They are stuck in the religious dogma. They say the typical “he’s in a better place” but don’t really know what that means. Deep down they don’t believe it. It’s not just in Ireland either, it’s here too. My mother asked me if I should see someone to deal with Andrew ascension. I said no because I don’t now anyone here who could really help me. I would need someone who REALLY gets it. I don’t need a muggle grief counselor, I would need a metaphysical one. And the only ones I know of are in So-Cal. I would go in heart beat if there was someone like that here.

Michael really gets it. He said that I need to focus on the fact that we had an amazing 16 yrs. with him and how lucky we are to have been that blessed. He said that our life here is nothing more than a blip on our soul’s journey and this life isn’t all there is! I was shocked to here this Derry man say that! I mean, I know it’s true, but most in Derry don’t. I was nicely surprised!  He also said that mourning for a long time is selfish, we do it for us not for the ones who have crossed. You lose precious time if we don’t move though the grief & you don’t honor the one who has left if you get stuck. Of course I am mourning for my self! I know Andrew is doing AWESOME! It is ME that misses him so very much! It is ME that is devastated not Andrew! Andrew can see me anytime he wants.

SO not only did I get a great tattoo but I got a lesson as well. Thank you Michael not only for the wonderful tattoo but for your loving insight as well!! Hearing it from someone like Michael really hit home. You’d have to know Derry men to understand why it touched me.

BTW Martin is working on putting the official “Pure Heart” symbol (our tattoos) on a t-shirt and I’m sure all the other things cafe press has to offer.

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10 Responses to GLAN CROI

  1. Dana says:

    What an awesome insight indeed! And I can’t wait to see the pics of your tatoo! I’ll getting a t-shirt for sure!

    PS – tis great to have you back!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Dana! Good to be back! It’s great to come home to nice cool weather. I really enjoyed that in Ireland.

    Martin is working on the t-shirts as we speak

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Hey Connie – yeah, thanks for bringin’ the cool witcha! And I can’t wait to see the T-shirts! I just decided to order one for myself for Christmas! I wish there was a way to “try out” getting a tattoo, so I could see for myself how painful it is. Same for me giving birth – no drugs – so I guess maybe I could handle getting a tattoo… hmmm… will have to think more about that. And I second the welcome home!

    *sticks out tongue at Swati* beat you again!!! nyah nyah nyah!!!

  4. Swati says:

    *Sticks tongue out at Leah, “I don’t see ya!!*

    That was very neat insight from Michael. And you are right…going to a muggle counselor will not help. In fact you have great counselors in the form of Martin and Andrew with you! And Karen Anderson is just a phone call away…you were talking about her, right?

    Did they use the term GLAN CROI in Gealic at the welcome ceremony up there? Or did they say “Pure Heart” in English? Or was it no language we really know? Very curious what language they use there…

    So good to have you back!

  5. admin says:

    Andrew told Martin that his name was given in Gaelic & then told Martin what it meant. The other questions would be great ones to ask on the forum. I’m not sure I would explain it correctly.

    Yea, I agree, between Martin and Andrew I have the best counselors ever! Can you even imagine me talking to reg. counselor??? How much would I blow their minds!! Ooo Ooo I know! Make it a Christian counselor to really make it fun!

    Leah and Swati… fight nice childers! LOL

  6. Swati says:

    “Ooo Ooo I know! Make it a Christian counselor to really make it fun!” Oh please, can you please do that?? Pretty please?? :D

  7. Karen says:

    Hey sunshine, can you send me a cell phone pic of this masterpiece you have received from Michael? I am so excited to see it…Oooo, I am too chicken to get a tatoo, wowzer this one is your 3rd?!?!?!?!? You go girl :-)

    My two cents worth as far as counselors go, unless the one giving the counsel is on the same page vibrationally as the one receiving the counseling, the $150 an hour spent is useless! Wouldn’t you all agree? ;-)

  8. admin says:

    Sent the tattoo and I agree, not worth the money! The only one I know who I would even want to talk to is Karen Palmer. A psychologist, psychic, medium, and shaman!!! Now that’s my kind of counselor! :-D

    LOL Swati, if I had insurance I just might have done it for shits and giggles! LOL LOL

  9. Dana says:

    [quote]Same for me giving birth – no drugs – so I guess maybe I could handle getting a tattoo…[/quote]

    Ditto that! I’ve been wanting a tatt for a long time but cannot decide where on my bod or exactly what it should look like. I’ve had a shamrock that has been my ‘device’ for approx 7 yrs now. I’m curious tho to see the ‘Pure Heart’ one. Mayhaps we should all get one and have our own little ‘club’ *grin*

    *sticks tongue out at Swati too*

  10. admin says:

    I have 2 tattoos on my ankles and this one is on my left wrist. I will see if Martin can post a pic of ours. It will be available on t-shirts soon. We’ve added above the symbol in an arch “IT’S ALL GOOD” We’ll eventually get that on our tattoos as well.

    The symbol of course stands for the power of 3, me, Marts and Elatia. Andrew in the center. Naomi, my niece, used 3 of those triple knots with the green heart in the middle. It is our family Celtic crest now! :-D

    I may get another one with Angel wings. I saw a beautiful pair of angel wings in Michael’s place that would surround the green heart.

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