We’ll we are on our flight home. Normally we get to see a bit of Ireland from the plane before it becomes out of sight. This time, Ireland was out of sight in a matter of seconds due to the heavy cloud cover. But on the upside I found a way to blog!! Yeeee hawww!!!! I have something to do besides bug Martin! He will be very happy! Hopefully it will copy over to the blog at the proper font size this time! A job Martin is sure to handle with ease and expertise!

Of course when pulling the computer out, I knocked over my drink and dropped my music cd down beside my seat! DUH! It’s any wonder Martin didn’t clock me as he was maneuvering around the floor trying to get my cd. Well, sure, the view was good for him as my leg was up over him. That got a weird look from the flight attendant. But I needed the cd at all costs even if it looked like we were getting freaky! It was one of Muck’s fav when he was like 10 to do his school work to. I’d get up in the Fall mornings to this cd. It was so nice. The weather was cool, the windows open, fresh air in the house and this cd, Fairy of The Woods would be playing every morning. Muck sitting in his favorite recliner, rocking away as he did his school work or meditated. It was always so peaceful. He gave me great memories to this cd. I’m listening to it as I type.

As I’m getting the computer ready to use, I see an icon that says “Muck Up Close.” I know what it is. It’s the picture of my Mucker in the hospital up close with a big grin on his face with his “Muckarooto” head band on. It’s the one I have on my phone. Do I dare open it?? What do you think? Of course I do. How can I not? SO as the cd starts I pull up the picture and look at it. And yes, of course the tears start. How can they not? I think I keep getting these waves, tidal waves really that are so intense, of emotions because I feel Andrew so much with us that I expect to see him soon then I realize I won’t & it’s too much to bear. I’m still trying to make sense of all this. I just know there has to be a bigger plan with all this. Andrew didn’t deal with leukemia then ascend for no reason. We have too much on the ball going for us for all this to be for nothing. That is NOT how we roll! For it to be just a random thing? No! I don’t believe that! Not for a moment! Then life would be nothing more than one big cruel joke! If that were the case, I wouldn’t stay here! We raised an Avatar dammit! It does NOT end here! No way! No how!

I know I promised, or maybe I didn’t promise and just said I would try and give you a “wee” Irish story Sunday night, I don’t really remember. My mind doesn’t retain information for very long lately. I am still in a daze. Anyway onto the story. We we’re in town, because that’s what you do in Derry, you “go up ta town.” We had things we wanted to get and places we wanted to visit. It’s great exercise! You walk up the hill, down the hill around the hill that is the town called The Derry Side. YOu feel it in your legs and your heart really gets a workout!. Sometimes we would get dropped off, other times we would get a taxi. Karen, Martin’s oldest sister, called to see if we wanted to catch a ride home with her and her friend Gordan. Of course we did! YOu catch as many free rides as you can in Derry, Those taxi fares really add up quick!. We met her outside Iceland grocery store, WHen she gets there with Gordon, she said she has to go in real quick to pick up some ham. Martin and I waited in the car with Gordan.

As we’re sitting there we see an extremely drunk man weaving and a bobbing coming up the side walk. I wasn’t sure if he was drunk or just had cerebral palsy. As he gets closer we know that he is indeed drunk. Even someone with CP walks better than that…unless they are drunk as too! lol He’s really stumbling along close to our car. Then I say “Annnnnnnnd he’s down! We ot a man down over here!” Yup! He fell right down like a stone failry close to our car. What did we do? Ummmm nothing, other than look out to see if he was getting up, he was not. What do you do?? Seeing a drunk guy in Derry falling down is not that uncommon! It’s Ireland people! And what are the Irish known for?? Yes, their drinking.

We just sat in the car and figured he’d get up when he realized how cold he was. It’s not my country and I’m not goin near any extremely drunks guys. I was thinkin about calling the police though & let them handle it. It’s more up their alley. Now if Karen had seen him she probably would”ve brought him home, fed him and bathed him and let him sleep it off! We said that to her and she agreed! She likes her strays!

WHat happened is, we hear a man carrying a box, shout out,”Hey, what are you doing lying down there?? Get up!.” I thought it might have been one of his mates or something. The man helps him up and gets him over to the ledge of the store to sit. He then rips off a flap of his box and gives it to the drunk guy to sit on. Your man with the box makes sure that the drunk guy is sitting and off he goes.on his way. The drunk guy is messing with the box flap as he couldn’t getting it under his butt right. Yea, he was that drunk!

Karen finally comes out with 4 BAGS!!! What kind of ham did she get and how many??!! So of course we made fun of her for that and didn’t tell her about the drunk guy till we were well on our way as he was still sitting there! There was no room for one more! lol Not even in the trunk! Not after Karen’s ham shopping. lol

I was touched by the kindness the man with the box showed the drunk guy. He didn’t know the drunk guy but took the time to help him up and get him out of the way. It was nice to see. Why the pub let him go in that condition is beyond me unless they only do something if you’re going to drive. Other than that you are on your own.`Well, I got to see a random act of kindness, a Good Samaritan, an Angel at work.


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    Hey Connie!!! We’re all VERY excited that you’re on your way home! I got confused with the whole time issue, so I started asking for traveling mercies for you and Martin on Saturday morning. I figured I’ll keep it up until you actually tell us you’re home!

    Your mention Fairy of the Woods choked me up a little – I remember you played that in his room at ACH. Awww… I’m glad you found it, and glad you got to play with the stewardess a little. hahaha

    Love you guys!

  2. Swati says:

    That was so nice of the guy with the box! I’m so happy you will be home soon :).

  3. Dana says:

    More good traveling wishes! And that was a cool story!

  4. Karen says:

    Lovin’ me some “Random Acts of Kindness”…as we all know, that’s what truly makes the world a peaceful place to live in, now don’t it! :-)

    And as Dr. Wayne Dyer states, it’s better to be kind than right. This ol’ drunk didn’t need a “tongue lashing” from anyone, (as I am sure he gives himself hell or he wouldn’t drink in the first place), he needed a kind gesture shown towards him and so it was. ;-)

    Welcome Home Sunshine, Welcome Home. XOXOXOXOXO

  5. admin says:

    You know what I love about what this man did? He didn’t try to save him or lecture him, he just helped him in the moment. He helped him off the cold side walk and gave him something to sit on and went on his way.

    I think most of us think by helping someone like that we’d have to get too involved. Like get him awake, try and find a place to feed him & shelter him. But just helping him up and out of the way with no judgment is a big help. It’s an act of kindness and the best kind of act to do! And a simple one! It was a great example for me. I won’t be afraid to do something simple like that to help someone if I witness that again!

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