Martin told me last night that Andrew would have a story for me today. And he did.

First I forgot to mention that yesterday Martin told me that Wed. night while sleeping, I was reading to Andrew the book I’ll be working on. Andrew was giving me feed back. I don’t remember any of it of course. Kinda cool how this stuff works. Our Higher Selves are always busy even if we don’t remember it. I think that is where we get our deja vue moments from. Interesting huh?

Martin told me that Andrew was cleaning my crystal bed today. I sleep in it every night. It has music I can listen to according to whatever mood I am in. As he was telling me this I got the deep feeling that Andrew will be/is taking care of us. Martin said “oh yea he is.” He has so much planned for us for when we cross over. He also has plans while we are here too. He is very protective of us.

Andrew told Martin there is 5 stages to crossing over. Andrew wouldn’t say what the 5 were yet. Way ahead of ya Swati! :-D This is where the LOA really comes into play too! LOA is never more apparent than when we cross! What you think and feel here WILL create your experience when you cross over without a doubt! “Get it” here or “Get it” there, it’s your choice! Believe it or not, its easier to “get it” here! Who knew??

So you want a castle too! Create it! You want to be on the water? Create it! You expect to have utter peace & love, you got it! Whatever you expect the Other Side to be, it will be!

Be the great Creators that you are! You are a spark of the Divine Creator! You are worthy! The power is within you!

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8 Responses to GLAN CROI SPEAKS

  1. Swati says:

    [quote] Andrew told Martin there is 5 stages to crossing over. Andrew wouldn’t say what the 5 were yet. Way ahead of ya Swati! [/quote]

    Oh mannn! LOL!! Must you do that to me always Connie? Then when I have no questions Martin calls me a liar! LMAO!

    Talking of your castle…I wonder what my home looks like up there. I could ask in the forum, but Martin is too busy these days. Andrewwwwwww can you get your Dad in the forum please?

  2. Dana says:

    Swati – methinks your home on the Other Side looks exactly as YOU want it to ;)

    That’s awesome Connie! I’ll have to get busy imagining!

  3. Pretty Mama says:

    Exactly Dana! What ever you want it to be it is! We are taught to disregard our imagination when in fact EVERYTHING begins & is created there!

  4. Swati says:

    Yeah…I know that…but my imagination changes so much, that I wonder what my home finally looks like! LMAO!

  5. Pretty Mama says:

    Only you can decide what it looks like, let the Force be your guide! :-D

  6. Susan says:

    Ooooh! I can’t wait to make my house! Maybe a castle, a tree house, or an underground lair… I am thinking lots of different things rolled into one! Why limit myself? :D

  7. admin says:

    As Andrew tells us, “Open your minds to the endless possibilities!”

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