Martin and I were discussing today how balanced Andrew was. He truly was. While he is a powerful Avatar he was also a teenage boy while here. He didn’t let his “Avatarness” really interfere with being a teenage boy. I was going to say a regular teenager but no one was going to buy into that one! Especially his friends! LOL

What I am talking about is even though he wasn’t into talking back, crappy attitude, drugs, drinking, ect. like most 16yo, he was into ALWAYS talking about the different bodily functions like a typical guy! Every freakin time I drove Andrew to Cory and CJ’s I had to hear all the pooping in the yard, (the names are withheld to protect the guilty! No, it wasn’t Andrew) farting on each other’s faces, (a brother’s thing) and burping stories a mother really doesn’t care to hear about!

I even asked him why he felt this overwhelming need to share all this with me EVERY time I took him over there! LOL He would just laugh and say “You mean you don’t like hearing about all the things boys do when they get together?” My reply “Uhhh NO! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth Muck, thank you very much!” LMAO It’s seems like it was just yesterday I was driving him over there but its been 7 months. Unbelievable that just 7 months ago I was driving him around. *wipes tear* Ok, moving on………

Andrew and Martin would also sit around coming up with names for their “privates.” *sigh* If you wanted to get Andrew to laugh, all you had to say to him was “Johnson” Don’t ask me why, it’s a guy thing! I’m not even going to go there!

Andrew also was into guns to a certain extent. I’d take him and Wesley to Walmart around midnight to get their bb’s, Co2 tank filled, or paint balls. In one of his drawers he has his box with his crystals and oils and next to that is a bb gun, bb’s, and a Chinese star. Now granted, the gun is Wesley’s. :-D

Another example is when Martin and I went to see Doreen and Steven at the I Can Do It conference the Saturday before Andrew started to feel bad again. Denise came up to sit with him while we went. Andrew was hoping to go but couldn’t. Denise & him would have the best conversations on quantum physics, Chinese medicine, metaphysics ect. SO I figured it’d be more f the same. Well, when we get back, what do you think they we were watching on Youtube?? Not Dr. Emoto that’s for sure! They were watching clips of all kinds of ammunition! I’m talking like m-16’s n stuff. SO much for my enlightened ones!! LOL

My point is that while Andrew was here, he embraced his human side as well as his Avatar side. I don’t think I have ever met anyone as true to himself as Andrew! He loved being human and all it had to offer! Even in the hospital, he looked at it as a human experience. He appreciated it all! Not many of us can do or say that! I am in total awe of him! He is my Super Hero! He has set such a wonderful example for us all on how to live a balanced life!

He’s a good child! He brings no bother to the port cullis door! :-D


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  1. Swati says:

    LOL…its really strange and funny for me to read about this, because I got to know him only after he stopped being a human. Its so funny to imagine him talking like that. :-D

  2. admin says:

    You have no idea Swati!! He could be such a 16yo boy! He just knew how to switch gears instantaneously! It’s a gift! :-D

    I didn’t even go into the time he and Wesley set the neighbor’s lawn on fire on the 4th of July in 2006!! LOL Don’t remember what they did this past 4th, it was right before he was diagnosed. Yea, he liked his fire works too! Wesley tried to share that story on the forum but it just erased! Hmmmm wonder who did that??? *wink*

  3. Denise says:

    He sure did, and that Saturday that you and Martin went to The I Can Do It conference was no different .

    We spent half the time talking about Dr. Emoto Chinese medicine and Quantum physics. Andrew the Avatar and the last part of that night Andrew the 16 year old. I would find myself having to pinch myself so many times when Andrew and I would talk , I’d forget I was talking to a 16year old ,then all of a sudden he would pinch me by saying or doing something that was only what a 16year old would say or do .

    He is truly amazing

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