I figured I’d share with you some of the fun stuff Andrew has been doing around the house.

The other night Martin and I just get to bed when we realize Merlin still hasn’t come in. He sleeps with us, my dog, not the magician. :-D It’s amazing the amount of room an 8 lb wiener dog can take up! He always wants to lay long ways! We need a king size because of him!

SO for s**ts and giggles we decide to send Andrew to go get him. Next thing we know we hear our door open and slightly close. We jest that it must be Andrew leaving to get Merlin. Martin continues to give me my ‘mucklets’ & we’re talking, la tee da tee da. Then we hear the door open again, Merlin saunters in nonchalantly and we hear the door close tightly behind him! Holy crapioli! He freakin did it! He went and got Merlin! Andrew was like “What? Didn’t you ask me to go get him??” Most people this would scare the bejeezus outta them but us??? We live for it! LOL
Martin and I looked at each other in shock. Then we say “We have the coolest son EVER!”

Oh but he’s not done. The next morning he asks Martin to finish the inspirational slide show that he started when he first ascended. Martin was going to put it off again. Yea, well, Andrew wanted it done NOW! SO what did he do? He brought the internet down! Yup! No internet. Martin didn’t think much about it cause it happens, so he goes ahead & finishes the slide show. As soon as he made the final click to finished it, the internet came back up! Martin hears, “It’s done Daddy.” Funny, Andrew’s trying to tell me he said “Now was that so hard??” Always the clown! :-D

I had a great morning this morning being inspired by Andrew. I could feel him inspiring me as I was meditating. I am working on meditating consistently to connect with him. It takes practice, practice, practice and MORE practice! Martin said it took him over 90 times to really connect & clearly hear his Guide. I dunno, I think he’s lying. LOL So I got up early, ok early for me, 8:30a.m., and got a lot of things done. I was feeling pretty good actually, a bit lighter. I go into Andrew’s bathroom and his fairy light was on! Then I ‘hear’ “way to go Pretty Mama!” It was his way of showing me he was cheering me on. He will turn it on when I am struggling usually to let me know he’s here.

I am working so hard on accepting where Andrew is now and us working together this way & this morning I was starting to feel good. When I felt myself sliding into grief today, I remembered the feeling of his inspiration this a.m. Keeping my fingers and eyes crossed I can keep it up! :-)

Martin has been busy trying to get us back on track financially, so its been hard for him to find the time to give me a channeling from Andrew. I will do what I can. I want more cool info like the comet info dammit!! He did say we could do a live chat w/Andrew, to see what night works for people. So let me know. Once we have finances back up again, Martin can focus on the channellings from Andrew more. Martin is looking forward to the day when he can just write all the info he is getting from Andrew. Andrew sez “All in good time Daddy, no worries! Things will be coming in”


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8 Responses to FUN STUFF

  1. Denise says:

    ohhhh ohhhh I can’t wait a live chat with Andrew any night but Thursday works for me. Andrew is such a good son!!!!

    {{{{{{{Big Hugs}}}}}}}}}

    Oh and I do have the next two weeks off from school yaaaaaaaaa

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Wow! What an awesome boy you have!!!! :)

  3. kimberley says:

    How cool is that, Andrew bringing Merlin to bed!
    Oh, Connie what a Great morning ” way to go Pretty Mama”. You will be able to keep it up, Andrew won’t have it any other way.

  4. Leo says:

    Re: finances. I saw that someone on another website was donating readings $1-$2 a minute to help someone else with hospital/medical bills. Well, I’m wondering if your website is still taking donations? I get a lot more inspiration here than there.

  5. Swati says:

    Wow!! That was super! LOL! Yes, it would freak many out, but I can’t imagine you guys getting freaked over it. And you didn’t.

    I am praying for you Connie…may the finances get fine again. For you and for me. Yep, me too. Did I write this in any other comment…about hubby’s job? Well…he got to know 2 days back that his company was bought, is folding up by the end of this month, and the new company is not hiring the employees (long story…very complicated and doesn’t make sense). Anyway…so we both need to get back on good-finance/jobs-boat :-). And I feel now things will only take an upswing for you…may I be 100% correct!

    Baby still has very high fever, and got back the diarrhea.


  6. admin says:

    Awwww Leo, how sweet of you to say that! I looked at the top and Martin has the site donations button still up.

    I do have an awesome son, don’t I Leah!!? He continually blows me away!

    Yes, I know w/o a doubt Kimberly that Andrew is the one helping us to keep it together and moving on. I can feel him inspiring me.

    One thing we know for sure is that life does NOT end here! There is no death! SO listen to this, I am watching a show on NGEO on cryogenics called “freeze me” It is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! How out of touch are these people thinking that freezing their body they can live forever!! What are they afraid of?? It’s sad really. They move on to their real life, and they waste all that money on a body they know they don’t want to return to now.

    I’ve heard that Walt Disney did it and one of Martin’s former bosses was going to do it but he was a real idiot anyway! Honestly! What are people thinking!!!????? There is soooooo much to look forward to when we get to cross why the hell would we want to come back to a body we have gone way beyond?? So you pass on from cancer, the cancer is still there when you’re frozen, they thaw your funky ass out and you STILL have to be treated for the cancer you were fozen with???? Seriously?? C’mon! Oh Oh! You can just get your freakin head frozen too!! That is sooooo freakin creepy!! Ewwwwwwww! One Dr. said it’s like taking hamburger and trying to make it a cow again! LOL LOL I concur! Sorry, I just had to rant about that one! Stup…I mean misguided people frustrate me!

  7. admin says:

    Oh Swati I’m sorry to hear that about hubby’s job. You moved for that job! That is sooooo un cool!! I’ll share the affirmation/mantra in Catherine Ponder’s book “Everything and everybody prospers me now!”

    AND yes, I say you may be 100% correct!

    ((((HUGS))))) Love to the baby!!!

  8. Dana says:

    I lurve the Merlin story! How coolio is that?

    I totally agree about the cryogenics – WTF? I want to go home dangit!

    [[[[[ SWATI! ]]]]]]

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