Andrew was with us the whole trip as I’m sure you already know. He prefers flying the way he can now. He was right in front of us, not in a seat mind you but directly in front of us between the seats! Like we don’t have enough room as it is! LOL Martin said Andrew was like “I’m in the plane, I’m out of the plane, in… now out, I’m in again, now out.” You get the picture. He thought it was the coolest thing ever that he could do that! LOL

Then on our lay over in Atlanta, Martin went on a walk about, he has to scope bathrooms, any possible smoking sections, and food places. Food places are for me of course. :-D As he was walking he said Andrew was right by his side talking the ear off him. Martin said it was pretty cool because when he looked to his side where Andrew was & the people we’re blurry because he could see Andrew’s form. I asked if he was sure he wasn’t having a stroke! LOL LOL After the dirty look I got, he said Andrew seemed taller. Then Andrew told him he was 6′ 2″ now! I’m pissed that I can’t hug him even more so now! I just loved hugging my tall baby boy! I did! I did! I did! I loved the way he would hug me and kiss the top of my head. He would be like “Awww nice mommy”

When we got to the frozen tundra, we made a quick bathroom stop and headed for our luggage. Even doing that every time we land somewhere, our luggage is never there yet or even coming out on the belt. But this time?? PERFECT timing! Right as we came to the belt there was ALL our luggage! Andrew sez to Martin, “you can thank me later.” ;-) Cheeky booger! LOL

Merlin was such a good boy. He travels so well. I put his sweater on when we got here. He was not amused. Ok, I may have gayed him up a bit with the white fuzzy collar on his bright blue sweater with sequenced snow flakes but I wanted him to be warm dammit! *she sez in her self defense* Well as warm as one can be in 7*F weather!!

I did not realize that there were 3 very fluffy hairy cats!! EEEEK! I am allergic to cats so last night was a whole lot of fun with my eyes itchy & watering, then sneezing, and the ever so wonderful throat closing and wheezing that goes along with that! Thank goodness the house is 3 stories! I guess for 3 weeks I will be the crazy lady stuck in the attic!

It wouldn’t be so bad if the freakin medicine would work! I had already been taking allergy meds for the change to cooler weather. I had already taken like 5 of those. Then got some “Wal-atin,” (cheap Claritin) took that. Still nothing, then took some “Walquil” (cheap Nyquill) THEN took some Benydryl (the real stuff because I didn’t buy it :-D ) to top off the evening and was STILL wheezing! Martin did some energy work on me and eventually it all came together and I could breathe easier about 2 a.m. Now I’m feeling all weird of course. But on the upside? My hair is looking freakin AWESOME! No frizzies! No big fluffy hair like the kitties! It feels great! Who cares if my nose is all dried up?? My hair looks great! :-D :-D

That is why you woke up to nothing this morning, I was busy trying to breathe. So bare with me and I will do my best to keep posting. It would help to motivate me if more people would post. I know there’s more than 4 people reading this!

Time to go out and get some freezing fresh air! And maybe cough up a hair ball or 2 or 3! :-D


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  1. Denise says:

    Oh !!! 3 CATS???? you’ll be in great shape by the time you get home!!!!!!!!!!
    does KC know a Acupuncturist ?????theres points for allergic reactions???!!!!I can just see you coughing up hair balls. HE HE HE LMOA!!!

  2. Swati says:

    LOL!!! That must be so much fun for Andrew…I’m in..I’m out…I’m in…I’m out….it reminds me of what I do when I am out of my body :-P.

  3. Dana says:

    I’d be right at home with the kitties ;)

    Hey! If they have a Sam’s Club – the ‘Members Mark’ brand of Tylenol Allergy Sinus is da Bomb! I used to allergy shots every week and was on every prescription known to mankind and nothing worked! Then I discovered the Member’s Mark brand (cheap too!) and it works amazingly well! I wasted so much money on scripts *grumbles*

    Ooo…I’m all about the hair looking great! Take pics!

    So…what ‘cha all going to do in the frozen tundra for 3 weeks?

  4. Susan says:

    I must have missed who Merlin is… but it sounded like her was really cute!


  5. Tammy says:

    I was born in the frozen tundra, I was born in the frozen tundra…….Tis why I MOVED!!!!!!!! I feel like Andrew sometimes when I fly, I’m in I’m out….in out….it’s GREAT!!! I hope you have EXTRA extremely moisturizing otion…because you will be dried up like a dehydrating machine got a hold of you!!!

  6. Karen T. says:

    Yeah, loved the winter hair thing when I was in Chicago!

    I can hear your hairball hacking impression right now…LOL. Hope you find something that works for you. Would hate to hear that you spent the whole time wheezing like that.

    Wishing you a warm spot to sit for blogging with no kitties in sight! And I am reminded of the days when Aly was a baby when I think of Merlin hanging on you in the front carrier, zipped up in your coat…LOL!

  7. Leah Clark says:

    Susan – Merlin is Connie’s ultra-cute weiner dog. She wears him in a snugglie, just like you’d carry a baby! He’s just TOO cute! Connie – I hope Merlin’s having fun chasing the kitties around! HE’ll cough up the hairballs for you, I’m sure!!!

  8. Joanie Light says:

    I want to see pictures of Merlin all with his duds on.

    PS to Martin: Although the home page says I’m logged in, the forum thinks otherwise. Thanks!

  9. Elatia says:

    So is Merlin still trying to bite and rip off his gay sweater?? haha that was funny!! I wish I was there w/ u guys so I could take cool pictures. love u and miss u both! xoxo

  10. Pretty Mama says:

    I’ll have to get a pic of Merlin all gayed up! He was biting it and whipping it around like today’s kill! YET he will wear it. I tried an even more gay fluffy coat on him but he fell on his side trying to walk in it LOL so I had to put it back.

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