First I’m going to let you that we are leaving tomorrow for the frozen tundra also known as Minnesota. We’ll be gone for 3 weeks BUT are bringing the lap top so I will be able to continue to blog. :-D

It should be interesting as we are going to see our friend & biz partner, KC, and her one son has been talking with Andrew since he ascended. I will discuss more of that later since I will be able to get it straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. :-D

I got the “hit” today to go to one of our fav places to get British pasties. I asked Martin if he wanted any he first said “No.” Then he changed his mind and said “Yea, why not? Get me a Lucozade too if they have it but they probably won’t.” We were always stopping in to see if they had Lucozade even before Andrew’s diagnosis. Andrew would always ask if we could stop in and check and it was always NO! They still had none. I checked while he as in the hospital as did Denise. Still NO!

I go into the 4 & 20 Pasty Company today and what did they have???? THEY HAD LUCOZADE! AND lot’s of it! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was like finding the Holy Grail! LOL We’ve been looking for it for almost a year and TODAY I finally find it! WOoo HooOO!

I come home having a surprise for Martin, and he had one for me too! Mind outta gutter please! (Karen T LOL) I come in thinking he’d be in the office because that’s where he usually is. Could he be in the office for me this time so I can surprise him???? Nooooooo! So I had to do some fancy foot work to hide the Lucozade. I made him cover his eyes. He didn’t even suspect because they NEVER have it. He probably thought it as one of those disgusting orange/chocolate English bars he loves so much! So he was all excited like a little girl when he saw his big bottle of Lucozade! LOL

Then he had a surprise for me! He said he was sitting on the couch and the crescent moon we have in Andrew’s bathroom just started singing “Dancing In The Moon Light!” Now it can do that when you push the button, it’s not like it was just a plastic moon that started singing, that would be really weird! :-D But it has NEVER just started singing on it’s own! EVER! I asked Martin if the fairy light was on. He said he didn’t know, he didn’t check. He was too busy installing software. I had a hunch. My hunch was right! The light was on!!!

As Leah and Karen T can attest, when I turn the fairy light off, it’s off. No flickering, it’s off! I didn’t even have it on the night before. I made a point to tell Martin that I did NOT have the light on.

So Andrew found yet another way to let us know he is still hanging around us! I love that he switches it up for us! He is such a good child!

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  1. Dana says:

    Ok, I just work up and I’m working on my first cuppa ;)

    But all of these signs and wonders seems like a joyful place to be and is actually very cool!

  2. Leah Clark says:

    All three of you (Martin mentioned on Saturday that you’re taking your weiner… I mean… weiner DOG with you on this trip – I hope he won’t become a pup-sicle! LOL) will be in my thoughts and prayers while you’re gone. And please do continue to blog – I don’t want to have to document my symptoms again!!!! ;) Be safe, have fun, and STAY WARM!!!! Love you guys!!!

  3. Leila says:

    He’s such a good son! :-)

    Have a wonderful trip and try to stay warm.

    Love & hugs

  4. Dana says:

    We don’t do ‘warm’ up here! The temp is supposed to plummet 40*F between now and tonight *EEK!*

    *seconds Leah’s safe travel blessings!*

  5. Swati says:

    Oh! Another trip? I am very happy that you are doing this. I hope you have a lovely time there. And you will…especially with Andrew doing all the things he does! LOL!!

  6. Karen T. says:

    My mind didn’t go gutterin’ that time…LOL.
    More safe travel blessings here, plus hopes for warm fireplaces, hot chocolate and comfy fuzzy socks…for all 3 of you!

    Your son is such a dollface!! The things he does for you must make you beam at times…you are such a blessed Pretty Mama!

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