I met Elatia, her boyfriend J.R. and her high school friend Dawn whom I haven’t seen in 10yrs, at the beach today. The weather is cooler so it’s my kind of beach weather. There was a bit of cloud cover but just a thin layer, it didn’t totally block the sun, just toned it down a bit.

Martin was home working. In between calls he decides to help us out weather wise and goes to the front door and starts to clear the clouds. Well, the next thing he knows he feels a strong flick in his ear! OUCH! It stung him pretty darn good too! It shocked him because no one was home but him. He turned around to see if Wes maybe snook in the back way or something. (Wes is always finding a way in our house. Some might even call it B & E. lol) But nope! No one there!

Then he hears, “What are you doing Daddy? I put the clouds there for Pretty Mama! Leave them alone!” ROFLMAO! Andrew knows I’m not a full on sun person and gave me my kind of beach weather! AND Martin was messing with that and Andrew let him know it! Flllllick! :-D  So both my air benders were trying to give me great beach weather. I have the 2 best men on my side! ;-)

As I was walking to my car alone, I was kinda feeling alone. I was sorry Martin couldn’t go with me and missing Andrew being with me. I was creating a nice lil pity party for myself. Then when I get in my car, the song I had for Andrew when he was a baby came on, Aerosmith’s “You’re My Angel.” I know my boy was sitting right beside me, even if I couldn’t see him. He’s a good son!


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  1. Karen T says:

    He is good in so many ways!!

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