Go grocery shopping on a Sat afternoon in God’s waiting Room!!! Why? I hear you ask? Because it is filled with, with, let me put this delicately, because it is filled with COFFIN DODGERS!!! EVERYWHERE! EVERY isle, EVERY corner, EVERYWHERE!

As I look around and see these incredibly old people, like 110 yrs old, that are so hunched over from osteoporosis, so wrinkled up that a sharpay (sp?) dog looks like he had a face lift! I wonder WTF? I look at Martin and say “Seriously?? And my amazing 16 yr old son isn’t here!??” He couldn’t help but laugh because it isn’t even an exaggeration! Right in front of us were like 4 of them! To right 2 more, to the left, well to the left was the lettuce counter which is the only reason it saved us from seeing even more of them! It was like a freakin zombie infestation! (one of Andrew’s fav expressions) LOL

It would be one thing if they looked happy or were pleasant but they look so old and miserable!

It’s just hard to see these people who have had a really, REALLY long life still here, ok maybe barely here and yet my 16 yr old son who has so much to offer is not. The mama gene was upset & missed Andrew so much. Yea, I was a little resentful of them. Yet I restrained the urge to run them over with my cart. I wanted to run them over and say “C’mon! go already! What the hell are you still hanging on for!?? Go to the Light dammit!” Good thing Martin was with me. :-D

The scary thing is….most of them are still driving!!! :-0 Seriously! Ask Denise and Jeremy! They can vouch for ALL of this!

Anyway that was my trip to the grocery store today. I will go at night from now on when they are in bed. Most of them if not all, have night blindness and can’t drive at night or are in bed anyway. I think they have day blindness as well because they don’t drive that well in the day either!

Never thought the grocery store would set me off. Except for missing Andrew going with me. I miss that terribly!


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  1. Denise says:

    Yes I can!!!!!!! vouch for it all . They are all still driving , they have to most of them can’t walk , they are everywhere and they should have GONE TO THE LIGHT A LONG TIME AGO. As you may all be able to tell I went shopping today also, I text Connie
    to remind me not to go on Saturday as I was checking out the blog. I LMAO and we weren’t together.

  2. Lord Horus says:

    You are SOOOOOOOOOooooooo Right. And when you are in the store they are SO FREAKING unbelievably RUDE!! I wonder how they ever survived this long because I’m in the store for Five minutes and get so ticked at how rude they are… like stepping in front of you… hitting you with their cart.. insisting that you move out of their way but they wont freaking budge for anyone else…

    I don’t go shopping on Sat anymore either unless I absolutely have to.. I find its best to go Sunday Morning when everyone is in Church… or night time when they are in bed.

  3. admin says:

    You know, I look at Wesley’s great grandmother, who he stays with when he’s up here, who is 90 and she still drives, watches 3 little kids and is so on the ball. You would never guess she is as old as she is. But the others???? They are just coffin dodgers! They look dead, it’s just that no one has informed them yet. When I see them in herds like I did today, it just makes me wonder why? Why are they still here and Andrew is not. Mama gene was in full force today! BaaaaWaaaaa

    Then Martin reminds me what Andrew told him a little while back “What does live spell back words Daddy?…… EVIL!” LOL

  4. Jane says:

    Mmmm, I don’t think you would have to wait until night to go shopping. Anytime after about 4 – 5pm should be ok. This is usually when they are home eating dinner isn’t it? I know my MIL starts preparing her dinner at about 2 in the afternoon and if we phone at 5pm, she is ALWAYS eating dinner. And she lets us know too.

  5. Dana says:

    Yet I restrained the urge to run them over with my cart.

    SNORT! Oh lordy Connie! That was GREAT to wake up too!


  6. admin says:

    LOL Glad you could wake up to a good laugh Dana! That’s what I’m here for! :-D

    I dunno Jane, I think they eat diner here around 3p.m.! LOL

    See? I knew I would set off Jeremy and Denise! LMAO!

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