That’s right! We have Crazy Maisie back! Maisie is a Spirit our cousin Chrissy channels. Maisie is a west Belfast woman that is not only totally unaware of the metaphysical and paranormal, but also unaware of her Spirit status! So tune in to hear what Maisie has to say as we talk about all things metaphysical! A hilarious time is sure to follow! :-D
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We have a chat room on our home page of blog talk. C’mon over for a bit of fun!


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  1. Leila says:

    When I first read this I got all excited! YAY!!! Maisie’s back!!!
    Wierd –I don’t know a Maisie. I do want to hear what Ms Maisie has to say though. :-)

  2. Pretty Mama says:

    She is freakin hysterical! YOu will me ROFLYAO! worth tuning in for!

  3. Leila says:

    Warning whine ahead!

    I missed half of this! :-( I kept getting kicked off and I couln’t get in the chat room- after 3x I gave up. Then I tried to listen to the one from when Martin was reading the info Andrew shared with him on your Spa day.
    Then not even the middle I get kicked off again!!!! PLUS (maybe I should of said rant instead of whine LOL) I can’t get into the forum. I’ve been unable to get in since almost the time I signed up I requested then and yesterday for help or whatever the button says ;-) Still no email with info.
    I am not taking this personally!!! LOL LOL LOL
    It’s all good!

  4. Swati says:

    Ok, this has nothing to do with what you posted here, but I wanted to tell you of two times your name was mentioned. During Dolores’ class, she was playing a recorded session of somebody. That somebody’s guidance had come in to speak while she was in trance…and somehow soon I noticed that everything they were saying applied to me. I wondered if this was a message for me, and just then Dolores reached out to shut the tape recorder…but before she shut it off, they said (as if answering to my doubt about whether the message was for me), “…and you have a friend called Connie”. LOL!!!

    And just now I was showing a picture of unicorns to Ujjwal, and I said, “Unicorn!”, and he tried to to copy me…saying, “Connie!!”. LOL!! I just found these very funny, so I had to post this completely out of topic topic ;-).

  5. Pretty Mama says:

    WOW! That is wild Swati!! We were Dolores’s driver a few times when she talked at ATP(r) so she does know us but she doesn’t know we know each other. If I had remembered I woulda told you to tell her HI from us!! :-D

    (((Ujjal)))LOL LOL LOL My first totem animal to come through was a unicorn in my very first meditation I ever went to! How funny! Thanks for posting that here!

    Leila, we aren’t using the chat room here but on blog talk instead. Martin is still working on a few things here and the chat room is one of them. Dunno why you wouldn’t be able to hear the show. Anyone???

  6. Leila says:

    Connie, I was attempting to log into blog talk. It wouldn’t let me log in. So I thought I had the wrong password – and it didn’t email me the correct one. So then I tried to re-join and it said my email address was already listed and wouldn’t let me rejoin. So I was a guest without being able to post. Then I kept getting kicked-off from just listening.
    So the *Forum* isn’t open anymore? I guess that’s why I can’t log in there either. I’ve also had problems with this site too it’s been down off and on for several days. I tried to post here earlier too and it went *down* It may just be me though I’m not having prob. anywhere else.
    oh well… I know that I am techno challenged but usually not this badly!

    Sorry..I know this has nothing to do with Maisie.

  7. Pretty Mama says:

    Yea, it’s been ticking me off big time here! I go to post a blog and I get an error message and it deletes half of it!!! Arrrrgggg!!!! It happened again last night!

    I dunno what the deal is with blog talk. Light Workers and technology don’t always go hand in hand!!

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