Martin and I are celebrating our 20 year anniversary of wedded bliss :-D on Sat. At our local comedy club they give you 8 free tickets for your birthday and anniversary. They play music with videos while you wait for everyone to be seated. They have played U-2, Fleetwood Mac and other rock bands. What was up on the big screen tonight?? That’s right, our John Denver singing Rocky Mountain High!!

The tears welled up as I watched it feeling Andrew’s presence and his big “Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!” The video was a later one without John’s glasses. Andrew would know the year. He could tell you the year just by John’s hairdo! Now that’s a fan! :-D I know I watched that video on our first slumber party night in the hospital. I remember thinking how I wanted that night to last forever it was so special.

The comedian said he lives in Wisconsin now, but is not a Cheese Head, then sez “but I like cheese.” One of Andrew’s fav random sayings. We received “hellos” throughout the show. I am so glad he did it but it’s still not the same as having him here.

Wesley had a cool experience the other day. He was looking for Andrew’s memory cards PS2. I told him to go into Andrew’s room and be still and ask Andrew where they are. Just keep asking until he heard or felt an answer. Next thing I know he comes out the fire crackers left over from their last year’s stock! Wes said he heard “look in the wooden box” so he did and there were the firecrackers! Boyz through and through! :-D So Wes is planning a special July 4th to honor Andrew. That was a special holiday for them because they go to blow up stuff! LOL 2 years ago they set the neighbors yard on fire! LMAO! Hard to believe that just a week later to the day he was diagnosed. *not goin there, not goin there, not goin there*

Soooooo since I don’t have many shows booked, ok only one date so far for the summer, I am going to read what Swati recommends and any cd’s I can get my hands on how to have an OBE!! I am going to get the hang of that if it ki…..takes me all summer! ;-) I have nothing better to do so I might as well try to spend as much time on the Other Side connecting with my Higher Self more & Andrew. Either that or I just sit here holding my breath until I look like a freakin Smurf waiting for a reply from any of the 40 odd e-mails I’ve sent out!

I know, it’s quite sad but I am all out of ideas of how to get ourselves out there. It would appear no one is interested in bringing us to their place for some high vibrational humor and make some money. SO its either I get to leave my body and have some fun or sit here and turn into a giant, blue ass, Smurf! If I can’t perform, then I am going to find a way out of here one way or another! Sitting here missing Andrew and now my playmate is going back to Belfast today, sitting around the house just doesn’t do it for me! So up and up away I go!!! So where doos I start Swati!!!??? What book? What CD? It’s time for me to fly!!


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  1. Lord Horus says:

    WOW am I really the first one to post?… LOL I don’t really have any books on OBEs everyone I’ve ever had was kind of spontaneous and not very well planned. But one trick I have learned is if you close your eyes and listen you will start to see your surroundings with your eyes closed. Only everything is blue, it looks a little like the special effect they used in the Daredevil movie.

    Anyway, Just wanted to let everyone know there will not be a Quantum Light Radio show tonight. My Computer has decided its going on vacation… I have to get a new hard drive and that may be a few days until I get the funds up.

    My parents computer is just not up for the challenge of running the show because it is like seven years old… Still going!.. but slow.

    I see now why they quit making Sony Vaio desktops… they made them too good.. they don’t die.. Love those Japanese!… they rock! why can’t Americans make stuff like that? LOL

    Anyway… Good luck on your Journeys Connie.. just make sure you don’t trip on your silver cord.

    Lord Horus

  2. Leo says:

    ((((!!!)))) May you also feel the comfort of your Mother-Goddess.

    I love you!

  3. Swati says:

    Hmmm…I posted a LOOOOONG comment here to give you all resouces, and I don;t see it! Ill email it to you, and try posting again.

  4. Swati says:

    Ok, when I ry to repost it, it says “duplicate post deleted…looks like you have already said that”. But I don’t see it here!

    Maybe it is too long thats why. So I’ll cut it in pieces and post it. I have emailed it to you too. It is a loooooooooooong message, with a LOT of info…so read with patience. ;-)

  5. Swati says:

    PART I
    LOL!!!!!!! What a “coincidence”!!! I think someone up there who we both know had something to do with this…you posting here asking for OBE book, and I am reading this FABULOUS book on someone’s OBE experiences which are MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!!!!! And the time right now is 3:33. Ascended Masters! LMAO!! Alrighty dude…I got it ;-).

    So, I have been reading this book called, “Cosmic Journeys” by Rosalind A. McKnight. It is about her OBE’s at The Monroe Institute at Virginia (this institute has various programs where people go OOB and have fantastic experiences). And she starts small with just getting out of body, and then experiencing earth in various ways…being earth, being a flower, being with fairies etc. Right now what I am reading I kept thinking of you. It is about the author going and meeting her brother who died very young in a car accident. She meets him where he is now, as real as real we think!!! Then she meets her dad who had died too. And it was so darned real…the ways she writes about it, I can’t wait to do all of that!!!! And I kept thinking of you, “YES!! This is what Connie needs to do. Go where Andrew is, go hug him to her hearts content, go kiss him to her hearts content, talk to him, see him touch him…and all of the cool things she misses doing!!” Mannn!! This is so possible!! Everything I have hoped and prayed you could do Connie. You can actually do it. People actually do it!! Regular people…like all of us…they do it! Consciously! I am so excited.

  6. Swati says:

    Part II

    So here is the info.

    1. First read the book “Cosmic Journeys”…buy it second hand at or somewhere. Really really devour the book! When you read her experiences on meeting her brother and dad, Connie you’ll know that you can go meet him for “real” (as real as here on earth). You’ll know that it is 100% possible because so many people do it! All the graduates of The Monroe Institute do such things with ease. And I am sure all others too who can go OOB at will and travel everywhere can do it.

  7. Swati says:

    Part III

    2. Read also, “Eyes of an Angel”. These are OBE stories of a man who went through all the programs of The Monroe Institue. His experiences are mind bowing too! Meeting the people who have crossed over seems to be one of the easiest things in the world when you read their stories. And Andrew will be right there to help you do it Pretty Mama!

  8. Swati says:

    Part IV

    3. I am doing Monroe’s home study course called The Gateway Experience. The price for that set is anywhere between $389 to $500 depending on where you are buying it. I got it from Ebay for $389 (including shipping). I am still in its first CD…taking my time (18 CDs with 2 journeys in each). Taking my time because I know I easily go OOB…and I am kinda scared, so I am taking my time. The institute has many different programs, which are all residential. The one I am doing has its residential counterpart…which is the basic one one needs to do to do any other program, but they are expensive $2000 (which is actually not too bad considering it includes boarding and lodging, food etc). But right now I cannot shell out $2000, and I don’t see how I can get away for a week. So I will wait for the residential ones…but I WILL go for them someday. Till then, the home CD course will have to suffice.

    Oh I see this set here on eBay for $327:

  9. Swati says:

    Part V

    4. Hemi Sync (Robert Monroe worked on this type of sound for expanded states of awareness) has another CD set specifically for OBE’s which I saw later or else I’d have bought that one cuz its cheaper. It is also highly recommended by the well known OBE teachers. It is for $99 here, but I have seen other places on the web where it is cheaper:

    Oh!! And on ebay it is for $67!!!

    So get either of the two sets. Robert Bruce of Astral Dynamics uses this second set for teaching students
    Here is where he talks abou it:

    He even has a forum where people discuss OBE’s:

  10. Swati says:

    Part VI

    5. There are many free resources too online to learn this. One of these is an online book:
    It is by Robert Peterson…another well known teacher of the OBE phenomenon.

    Hmmmm….how come all these OBE teachers are Roberts??? Maybe you and I should change our names too :-P.

  11. Swati says:

    Part VII

    I have been talking (emailing) with graduates of the Monroe Institute…and the way they talk about it…like its all nothing. LOL!! Like meeting all those “out/up” there is as easy as drinking water. One day you and I will talk like that too.

    So Connie…these were many of the resources…pick something and start. Come on, and do this with me. Let us meet up there in the astral, visit your castle, and visit Andrew and go just about anywhere we please. We can even meet “experts” up and there and ask how to make you drown under show requests from all over the world. I’m sure they’ll have experts on this up there. Also, then you can make fun of the guys upstairs in your shows.

    Funny how I came here to tell you all about this book and the resources…and I read your blog where you were asking this very thing.


    *******************THE END****************************

  12. Dana says:

    Happy Anniversary Connie (and Martin)! Ken and I just had our 27th on June 5!

    Great info Swati!

  13. Swati says:

    Oh yes! Happy Anniversary Martin & Connie!! I forgot about that in all that typing. LOL!!

  14. Leila says:

    Happy Anniversary Connie & Martin!

    Love & Hugs

  15. admin says:

    LOL Jeremy! The first! We had Ed’s party tonite anyways so that worked out.

    Thanks Swati!! I will check out the book first, then look over all the other info.

    Thank you for the well wishes for our anniversary! I guess well be celebrating in Oct/Nov when we go to Hawaii since we are unable to do anything special right now.

  16. Karen T. says:

    Happy anniversary! 20 years!! Yay! I’ve made it to 6 with Brad…has a long way to go. Congrats!

  17. Denise says:

    Happy Anniversary you two! !

    Love you both

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