Andrew does his very best to keep my spirits up. When Martin and I are laying in bed, Andrew spends time with us doing energy work & making us laugh!

I am definitely hearing more. I was lying in bed on Wed morning and I hear the electric shaver going. I then remembered Martin has his lead’s club at noon so he must be getting ready. I get up and go into the office and notice something odd, Martin is unshaven. I told him I thought he was shaving earlier w/Andrew’s electric shaver. He said “no.” I go into Andrew’s bathroom and his fairy light was on, his signature move. :-D

The other night he was doing more work on my 3rd eye. Martin starts laughing, so I asked, figuring the 2 of them were making fun of me, “what is he doing now?” Martin said “He’s getting ready to work on your 3rd eye so he’s whistling, has rolled up plans under his arm like an architect, & has a hard hat on that sez “The Muck.” I’m lmao! I guess it’s serious work getting my third eye up to par. :-D

Last night Martin and Andrew start giving me my nightly ‘mucklets.’ Martin starts with his hand on my heart chakra and I ALWAYS feel the energy going in. Then he moves to my solar plexus chakra. When he moved back to my heart, cause I wanted more, cause I’m a glutton for my ‘mucklets,’ I could feel a hand still on my solar plexus while Martin was at my heart. It was very cool!

Then after they were done I could feel a cool, mentholated feeling in my heart. It felt so nice. Martin said it’s because him and Muck have been using moon energy on me. I have always been drawn to the moon. I loves my moon!

There’s another funny scenario he did as well but I’m saving that one for my show on Sunday. ;-)

We still share very intimate moments with Andrew. The other night when we were talking to him, Martin’s eyes got big & he was like WHHHOAA! because he said he saw a big orb floating in our room then left through the window. It even surprised Martin! He thought it was so cool. My life is never dull!

Andrew gives us such profound information, information we can’t put into words. Information that we already know but there just isn’t the words, because words are not needed, there is just a knowing. Then he gives us information to share, which is where the Pure Heart Method comes in. He has been showing us the future of the Pure Heart Method and it is pretty awesome!

Martin said when he meditates and sees me on the Other Side, he sees a tattoo on my forehead but he couldn’t make it out, until last night. He said it is the symbol for the school of wisdom. Oh yea, he will be drawing it out for me and I think it may be my next tattoo but not for my forehead.

These are just a few of the cool things Andrew continues to share with us.


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  1. Dana says:

    Oooo….I just love these stories Connie! And I can’t wait to see the tatoo for ‘school of wisdom’! I’ll bet it’s awesome :D

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Hahaha… does cafe press do hard hats????

  3. Karen T. says:

    Connie…that boy just loves the hell out of you!! Him and Martin are such blessings in your life. It is a beautiful thing for me reading your stories about them and their lovin’s for you. Awesome!!

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