This whole Jekyll and Hyde thing needs to stop already! It gets to be too much sometimes! I honestly don’t know how I keep it together sometimes!

When I start to miss Andrew beyond belief, my Higher Self kicks in and reminds me that I won’t be stuck here forever. There are times when I feel like this is my life forever and ever, that I will be stuck for all eternity on EARTH missing Andrew. Like I’m not ever going to “die!” Hellooooooo! I won’t be on this planet forever, I will get to ascend too someday!! DUH! *jumps up and down in excitement!*

My great grandmother lost her son at 7 yrs old. Hmm it was pneumonia too! Remember, it wasn’t leukemia that took Andrew, he was in remission, it was bacterial pneumonia.

Now my great grandmother didn’t pass on till she was in her 70’s, no thank you! I wanna go sooner! She mourned her son till the day she crossed. BUT she is with her son now! So my Higher Self reminds me that I too will one day, soon enough, (but not soon enough for me) be with Andrew again the way I want to be. I will be able to hug him, kiss him and be with him like we use to be! This life here won’t be forever, sooooo snap out of it!

SO that is what I’m trying to do when I get hit with the reality of Andrew really not being here physically. I still expect him to come home because it just seems like he went off to college or something. The shock wears off from time to time and I get hit with a very hard dose of 3rd dimensional reality & it gets pretty rough for me. I feel like it shouldn’t because I know the truth about Andrew and where he is. BUT my Higher Self kicks in and Martin, & they remind me of the true reality, which is the Other Side not here.

So yea, Andrew still needs to do a lot of work on me. He doesn’t mind doing it for his Pretty Mama tho because…..


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8 Responses to GEEZ I NEED TO GET A GRIP!

  1. Swati says:

    Nope, you will not wait till you cross over. Remember our mission? I think nothing is impossible. Nothing is. So you will become so much more psychic that you will do all the seeing, touching, hearing, hugging and kissing while you are here alive in your body.

    Also remember what Jeremy said? He had said that when 2012 happens, we will go where Andrew is…so that is just a little away now.


  2. Karen T. says:

    Sending hugs to you Pretty Mama…from one mame gene to another! Damn mama gene! : )

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Hi Swati!!! *jumps up and down and waves* I miss you!!!!

    Connie – you’ve got a grip. It just changes sometimes. :)

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    Swaaattiiii!!!! YAY!!! *waves frantically* That’s right Swati! I need to remember that too! I have a story about that getting closer to reality for the next blog post. ;-)

    I will take those (((hugs)))) Karen!

    Yea, my grip starts slipping sometimes is all.

  5. Leo says:

    (((((!!!))))), Connie.

    I wish I could give you a real hug. May you be surrounded with many physical friends who can GIVE to you all that you need in this phase of grief.

    I’m seeing a fun time with lots of laughter and giggling. A “free for all” with a couple girlfriends and some others? Muglets helped. I hope that is happening this weekend for you.

  6. admin says:

    Most of my hugs are ethereal Leo. Elatia an I are starting to see each other more, YAY! Denise is the only other one I see and she’s been busy with the ren fair and school. Ooooo listen for it, listen for it…..yup! there’s the violins playing

    Martin is so good to me, he makes sure he is here for me whenever I need him. He is so kind, loving, patience and tender with me. I’m glad he works from home or I’d really be a mess.

    My cuz and playmate, Christine, is coming over from Ireland the end of May so I’ll have someone to play with for 2 weeks then!!! WOo HoO I’m so excited. I’ll be depressed for awhile after if she leaves, unless I actually have something to look forward to like more shows to do.

    Thank you ((((Leo))))

  7. Leila says:

    ((((Connie)))) sending you hugs and hugs to ((((Martin))) & ((((Elatia))) too. You are blessed to have such a loving supportave husband and daughter.

    Be gentle with your self. Honor yourself and your grieving process. It’s all Good! Bless your heart.

    That’s great Christine is coming for a visit! The end of May will be here in a blink of an eye…Just like your seeing Andrew again will be in a blink of an eye.

    Much love and hugs,


  8. admin says:

    Thank you Leila! Having people comment here helps me so much! This journey is so hard even for knowing what I do, feeling what I do, seeing what I do. I can’t imagine having to go through this like most parents, as muggles. I don’t know how they do it! I do know how blessed I am. Martin and I are closer than ever, we are in constant contact with Andrew, my memories of the hospital are beautiful ones, even after he ascended. Just the 3 of us in the room, Martin and I bathing him, Andrew guiding us, having us dance beside him to one of his fav songs, it was very powerful.

    So as incredibly hard as all this is, we are very blessed!

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