We’re settled in the picu for now. Hoping we can go back upstairs sometime tomorrow. Dunno what the odds of that happening are. I wouldn’t bet money on it let’s say. He’s on 40% oxygen and staying in the 93-94 mark. He needs to be in the upper 90’s preferably 100. He also needs to be breathing on his own w/o oxygen. They may try to wean him from the oxygen tomorrow. Depends how well he does tonight. We don’t want to lose our room either. We have it set up nicely.

Martin is staying there, rm 267, tonight instead of the clown house. We’re going to take a few hour shifts at a time. I’ve only had about 4 1/2 hrs. sleep today. I woke up early so I knew something was going on. I thought it was energy work Martin & Jeremy scheduled to do. Apparently not.

He’s still coughing up blood. :x That is hard to watch but it’s good he’s coughing up the stuff. His oxy levels go up when he does which is good. Wish it didn’t have to be blood tho. :\

They put him on lipids (fats) and a vitamin/mineral bag. He still hasn’t eaten anything since last Sat except some bacon on Wed. that’s been it.

He’s resting now. Occasionally he mumbles in agreement, shakes his head yes, moves his hands like he’s holding something. So he’s a busy guy while “sleeping.”

Scratch that, he was just up coughing. Geez that is hard for me. Doesn’t seem to bother him tho. I guess he feels better after it. His oxy went down to 85 while doing that. :( He’s resting again and talking to someone, it ain’t me. Dunno who it is. But it sounds pleasant.

He said to me yesterday that when he’s resting his Guides show him things and he goes over w/them what’s acceptable and what’s not. He said he doesn’t remember what he goes over but he remembers that’s what he’s doing.

Here I have two men that are so strong and so sure of things, so positive, just so incredible and they put up with me, the spaz! :\ Dunno how they do it. I’d want to slap me by now! Instead they give me hugs and kisses. :LOVE I must’ve done something right somewhere!

Andrew saw my father in law today in the picu. He must hang here when he’s not coveting Steven’s 40 yr. old Martin guitar! :lol Andrew saw him last time too.
I did get my pedi tonight thanks to Leah! It felt good to have it done! My poogies (feet) feel refreshed now! :-)

Well, I think you are up to date for the mo. :blowkiss

THANK YOU FOR ANDREW’S PERFECT HEALTH! SO IT IS!! :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE Magickal Blessings!

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