Another Restless Night

Martin Here: Restless but good. I am keeping vigil tonight. His fever topped at 40.4 (Metric) tonight. Connie has gone back to Sarasota tonight to take care of the mail, the house and her puppy. She also has an appt to have the scrape on the car looked at tomorrow.

I am checking Andrews temp every 45 minutes and it is going down again, but it just keeps going up and down. Nobody is sure why this is. It may be something created by the mucocitis, and it may be something due to a bug somewhere in his system that they are unable to find just yet. I am in a knowing though that we are very close to a solution. Even a change of anti-biotic might work.

We did the broncoscopy around 2:15 PM today instead of 4 PM and they went ahead and did his Lumber puncture for the spinal chemo so that he wouldn’t have to go through it separately. His temp always goes up with the LP, so it is no surprise. He sounds a lot worse than he is though. He is breathing through his mouth and his nose, but resting as comfortably as he can.

He is sucking down the Soy milk and the apple juice. This should stablize his weight at the very least. I love this kid so much. His Spirit is the biggest of anyone I have ever seen, and as far as him being only 16… Well it is uncanny the way he is handling al of this. He has his days, and I know if the mucocitis was a little better, he wouldn’t complain about anything.

The Pulmonologist said that the X-ray they were concerned about is now not a concern. The new X-ray they took, came back clear, but they did lavage and take the saline sample of whatever is in there to culture. This will help in the determination of the fever.

He asked me today to thank everybody that has wished him well, and he will be blogging just as soon as he is able. We have the secret playing in the room almost on a loop and it has been helping the energy and the attitude of everybody. We are also labelling all of the bags of fluid and platalettes the “Emoto” way.

It also seems that Adavan (SP) seems to be the only drug that actually acts well with him. It gets rid of the throat pain, and it helps him to rest. It also gives him a very good disposition, and there seems to be no residual affects from it.

Well I am watching him sleep again, and he sounds a lot more peaceful. Thank you Universe for Andrew’s Miracle Healing.

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