That’s about what it’s been like. Two’s all over the place! I paid some,not all, bills and the total was 2,202.02. We past exit 22 which was the exit to ACH but then I saw the exit for 22nd Ave N right after that and the mile marker was 22 miles, you just can’t ignore that. I hadn’t noticed it before. We went bowling Friday nite after our show in Brandon with Muck’s friend CJ and his girlfriend Kris, and they gave us what lane? Yup 22! I changed the pic of Andrew on facebook and when I went back to post in another album it showed I had posted in Andrew’s album 22 mins ago. Even on Ghost Hunters the time would be 11:22pm. I just checked Martin and Andrew’s myspace and what song had 222 plays?? The Dreaming Sea! So I guess that is the song Martin should send in for the song writing contest.

Now in Angel numbers we know it means that the seeds of ideas that you have planted are starting to sprout and come into fruition. So sprout away I say!! I should be in a huge field of flowers by now! A field of sprouting something anyway! Honestly if I didn’t know better I’d swear Andrew was yelling at me!

Here is the brief numerology explanation of 2: You have a great talent for working with others; you possess tact and refinement. ( :-0 really?) You have a highly developed intuition. This provides you with insight into personalities and situations. Therefore, you act with tact and subtle persuasion. You possess a kind of radar, avoiding the landmines within another’s personality, yet bringing out their goodwill. These abilities make you the perfect diplomat. (Martin maybe) Your abilities are better expressed while working with others than by working alone. In the same way, you perform better in a partnership than in a leadership role. You seek balance and peace in all relationships and situations.You are blessed with a high degree of musical talent. You have a good sense of rhythm and harmony. You are a good counselor with an inborn talent for psychology and finely tuned intuition. (Me? Not so much)

Yea, I’m thinking all these 2’s are the Angel number explanation. It makes more sense. Although 22 is a master number and I believe I have it in my chart. One thing I do know, these 2’s mean something! Maybe it’s a reminder as this month has been ridiculously slow, so slow it looks like I have to cancel the So-Cal gigs because there’s no funds for the airfare or rent a car, so I need to keep the faith that things will be happening/sprouting regardless of how it looks right now. In that case Andrew would be yelling at me. Well, I need something to stop me from panicking and feeling frustrated! All this is very draining and I need longer than a 3 week break for the last 2 yrs of non stop trauma and grief! But the 2’s will have to do for now I guess.


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  1. Joanie Light says:

    Just added up that numerologically our new grandson’s Life Path number is 22. Born 4/16/2009. His Mom was in labor for two full days. Yep, two’s are everywhere.

  2. Karen T. says:

    Okay, so I read the line “I should be in a huge field of flowers by now!” and got a totally realistic visual of you smiling and facing upwards (I had the vantage point of looking down on you) surrounded by huge sunflowers, also facing upwards! You were only visible from your sparkly cleavage up…Yes, I visualized that….LOL. Your hair was so vivid against the yellow petals and your royal blue velvety top was setting off your eyes and smile. It was soooo real and split second! Wow!!

  3. Karen T. says:

    I am getting constant combos of 1s and 2s. I am taking it to me align thos thoughts and it’s on it’s way! But, after readin the numerology part, it’s fitting too. Hmmmm.

  4. Swati says:

    Me too, I have been seeing 2’s a lot. And I see 11:11, 12:12, 12:34, 9:11, 11:19, 444 and 555 a LOT. And now the 777’s have also started. LOL!

  5. Tesha Miller says:

    Connie,martin, so strange you were to put the 22, ever since the only love is real concert, the ocean song (song to mama) i have seen 2’s everywhere, i ABSOLOUTLY think that is the winning song. I am a 22 as well , and a 3 and 9, ? but i have looked at my clock 2:22,or 12:12, or 2:00 . my birthday is on the 22. You guys n Andrew has made such a diff in my life, such inspiration, That was my fav song of the night, it made me cry , and really think, now anytime i see waves crashing , i say no , their dreaming;) Connie andMartin, you are so blessed and continue to bless others , thank you so much.. ITS ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  6. admin says:

    It’s craziness I tell ya! :-)

    Tesha, thank you for having us in and booking everything we offer. We are looking forward to all the events we have at your place.

  7. Leah Clark says:

    One of the most awesome things about your concerts for me is all the new people we’re seeing on the blog!!! Welcome Tesha to our little world! And I keep seeing the Popeye’s Chicken commercial where she holds up the calendar with the big 22 on it – I hear Andrew laugh every time I see it! :)

  8. admin says:

    I really need to promote this blog and site more! We forget because there is so much to remember! Looking forward to when we can have an emcee that can handle all the details we forget about. Sunday I forgot my appt book at the Unity in Palm Harbor. ARRRRG! They r mailing it to us. Another time we forgot the music stand.We are useless on our own! lol

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