We did a show in Ocala FL last night at the Oak Brook Church. I didn’t realize how far Ocala was from us. *note to self, ck miles b 4 booking anything!* But this was worth the drive! Map quest said it would take 2 1/2hrs, it took us 2. It appears there is lead in those shoes of mine… or something. :-D

Jeremy went with us to help out with back of the room sales and set up.The church is on a beautiful piece of property. The energy was mesmerizing! They had a labyrinth, a gazebo, the scent of jasmine (Andrew’s fav incense) in the air, and woods, amongst other things. We decided, because it was such a beautiful cool night, to have the show outside on the gazebo. We get things set up, including about 30 chairs and wait. Rev Peggy shows up, then one woman, Ellen, shows up and there’s the caretaker of the church who lives there and does a beautiful job of taking care of the grounds.

Well, the show is suppose to start at 7:15pm. It’s getting closer to 7:30pm and still no one else shows up. And no one else ends up showing up. I go to tell Martin that this was it. We drove 2 hrs for one person and 2 people that work for the church. I told him “Let’s do this, it’s a gorgeous night, we have 3 people, 4 counting Jeremy, who’s never seen the concert. What do we have to lose? We’re here, we’re set up, let’s enjoy ourselves.”  SO we started our concert.

As we started our show, I looked out at all the empty chairs, but it was NOT empty chairs I was sensing or feeling. I knew that the Elementals were very much a part of our show. I mean, we were surrounded by all these woods and beautiful nature. I knew the Elementals were watching and glad we were there. BOY! Little did I know just how interested they were! I am so grateful Jeremy was there because he made the whole night worth it for me! What he saw during our concert is just awe inspiring! It was so incredible and so humbling. There just aren’t the words to explain just how magnificent it was and the feeling I had as he told us what was really going on during our concert. Let’s just say it proved what Andrew said “We are bigger than the sums of who we are.” This concert is so much bigger than Martin and I.

Now I could try and explain what Jeremy saw but I don’t think I could do it justice. I told him to write it out for me, but as of yet I haven’t received anything from him. I will tell you this, it is not for the closed heart or closed minded. For some it may seem way out there, but not for the regulars that come here. The freakie deakier the better for the regular peeps on here! lol I don’t think this story will disappoint! It has Elves, it has the Avatar himself making an appearance and more!

JEREMY!!!!! DUDE! BRING IT ON! Give us your story before they linch me!! Talk about a build up and cliff hanger! ……………………………………………………..Read Mart’s blog about his OBE during “Imagine” last night as the Elves, his peeps, made their way in. ;-)


Jeremy’s experience

“OK… Here goes.

First the grounds of this place were freaking amazing. I was immediately struck by the energy there. They had a meditation labyrinth which I of course took the shortcut to the middle of.

Anyway, I knew that this was going to be a big night energetically speaking because we stopped for some food before the show and we all kinda pigged out a little, I’ve never witnessed Martin eat two whole hot dogs before.. LOL

Just before the show started, I’m sitting in the front row and I get these waves of energy coming over me, then all of a sudden with my PHYSICAL eyes… I see everything go ripply… the whole Universe went all wavy for a second, like a Quantum Shift was happening.

I tried not to look too freaked out but I think the care taker noticed something was up with me.. LOL

So Martin & Connie start the show and it is really Awesome, truly inspiring and it shifted my energy into a good place, really shifted me.

I had such wonderful dreams all night and I have felt wonderful all day today.

So when Martin starts singing “Imagine” I start looking into the woods surrounding us and with my psychic eyes I see a whole bunch of Elves walking out of the woods..

Mind you these are not your typical Elves, think Lord of the Rings, Gladriel/Arrowyn and such.

They were human sized, pointy ears and all, long flowing hair, long priest robes that were cream, brown & gold tones. Gold intricate Celtic type jewelry and such.

They were all carrying Candles and singing “Imagine” along with Martin. They specifically were there for the show honoring Pure Heart and everything being taught.

During the Spaceman Came Traveling song, the song Martin broke down with the first time he sang it.. I saw a Green Column of light appear right on top of the Portrait of Andrew… Then I saw Andrew step out of the column but it was his pure higher self at first… he looked like he was twelve feet tall..

He was wearing all white robes but they had other colors in the folds of them, green and blue. He had a gold necklace/amulet around his neck.. Then he kind of morphed into the Andrew we all know and love.

I can’t describe how much the concert really shifted my energy into a higher dimension it was truly wonderful to behold and feel.

After the concert I was watching the sky and sure enough I saw one of the Moving Stars I’m always talking about, so I know the Celestials were there too. I felt their presence during the show but it was not as up front as the Fae were.

It was truly an amazing experience and I am grateful and honored to have played a part in it”

How freakin cool is that?????!!! I think we were all grateful and honored last night Jeremy! And somehow we were abundantly blessed as well! Thank you Rev Peggy and Ellen for your generosity! We all felt that we were in the presence of greatness! And indeed we were! Thank you PureHeart!

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  1. Jane says:

    Come on Jeremy. Spill !! Sounds like you had a very interesting evening and I can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. admin says:

    I’m ragein he hasn’t sent his story yet! Martin and I didn’t sleep at all last night from the energy of the concert and we had a full day at a psychic fair today an hour away. Martin did 17 readings! AND we have a concert tomorrow too.

  3. Leah Clark says:

    I’m SO not surprised by this! Having experienced the concert myself, it is truly SO awe inspiring and – mark my words!!! write down the date!!! all that stuff – you guys are going to be HUGE!!! Actually, since there is no TIME, you’re ALREADY HUGE! BRING IT ON!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! (geez, can ya tell I’m excited???)

  4. Lisa Weiss says:

    AWESOME! In the true sense of the word. I really really wish I had been there. So looking forward to seeing you guys in CA!!

  5. Swati says:

    Wow!! That was awesome! And I am looking forward to seeing your show for myself in May!!

  6. admin says:

    So are you a tad bit excited Leah? lol What date shall I write down? I will be writing about an idea we came up with while going to that show. Martin, Jeremy and I were brain storming on the ride up to Ocala. It’s a huge idea but one that might work. Stay tuned!

    Yea, I am sorry to report that we won’t be coming out in May Lisa and Swati. I have to cancel everything in Ca. We just don’t have the funds to go out there and I have yet to see a venue fill a place. Well, one did so far and another was smart and made them pay upfront so when a 1/4 of them showed, it didn’t matter. I had asked Andrew for clear guidance on what to do because it was becoming very stressful trying to pull this trip together. It couldn’t be anymore clearer than our income going down when we were on an up swing prior! Once I said “Ok, we can’t go,” money started picking up again.

    I can’t tell you how bummed I am about this! The reason I can thoroughly enjoy our shows here and get so much out of them when only a few show up is because it’s only costing me gas money, and I have nothing else to worry about. Ca is a whole other ball game. A lot of expenses to cover and it’s overwhelming.

    When the time is right and we can fill venues, we will be out again.

  7. Karen T. says:

    This entry was awesome to read! I so visualized all that Jeremy wrote…WOW!! Chills upon chills…woo-hoo!!

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