Martin and I will lay in bed at night and talk about all things metaphysical and quantum physics. We go over our philosophies about why all this has happened with Andrew. Still trying to wrap our heads around all this. How can a bright light like Andrew, who is desperately needed here, who touched so many lives, have left us so soon?? It just doesn’t make sense! It’s not fair! *stomps feet in tantrum*

Every person that met him could feel that he was special. Even when we flew to Ireland last year, the flight attendants made a point to tell Martin and I what a pleasure he was to have on the plane, and how polite he was! Think about! Even flight attendants could tell he was different and special!

Like I’ve said before, the only thing that makes sense is that there is a bigger plan with all this, and that Martin & I are a part of it. We signed up for it. Wish I knew exactly what the hell it was that we signed up for! I’m never signing anything anymore until I read every bit of the small fine print! Especially of a Soul Contract! Do you suppose there’s one person from your counsel on the Other Side, like a Amway rep, that only gives you a 1/4 of the info to entice you to go to the “biz opp” meeting so the rest of your counsel can work on you, and make coming here sound good??? LOL Just a thought.

I keep asking Martin why can’t we just leap outta here yet! I mean how long do we have to be here before we know exactly what we’re supposed to be doing? I feel like Sam in “Quantum Leap!” I am ready leap! I’m just waiting for Ziggy to give me the ok, that I’m done with my job here! :-D Yea, no such luck yet! (AL)LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL where are you? (didn’t want you to think I was saying all) I’m ready to leap!

I don’t know what we would do, or how we would handle any of this is if we didn’t have the beliefs that we do. When we have our conversations, it all makes more sense, and I feel very proud to have raised an Avatar. We did a damn good job at it too! We held up the majority of our contract with just that alone!

Our conversations help me to get out of muggle mode, which is where the real deep grief is. When Martin shares with me the information that Andrew is giving him, and what it will be like when we do get to finally leap, it really helps me out of the grief, & I feel pretty good and very close to Andrew! It almost feels normal from a Light Worker point of view. Eventually I will be in that space most, if not all, of the time down the road. A short road I hope. :-) Short road meaning the road of grief not life. I want to make sure I made myself clear on that one. ;-)

There really are no words to describe the feeling during these conversations. It’s like we are right there with Andrew on his vibration. It’s incredible.

We get into some pretty deep conversations that the rest of the world is NOT ready to hear yet! Sorry Swati! ;-) What we discuss here on the website is already “weird” to a lot of people, even to some of my family. The other stuff would really blow peoples’ minds! We also discuss what goes on, on the Other Side for us. It’s pretty cool. Some of it is very deep and personal. It keeps me going let’s just say because I have a lot to look forward to when I finally get to leap! *doing happy dance*

Now I just have to carry these conversations with me longer! Be in that space for a longer period of time to keep the grief away. Martin points out that it gets easier every day, and to be patient with myself. Plus he reminds me too that……..


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4 Responses to WHEN DO WE GET TO LEAP?

  1. Karen T. says:

    I feel such a powerful sense of excitement for the future here on your site and for the lives that are being and will be touched and completely changed by it all!
    My immediate thought when I think of your question of why Andrew had to go when he did is that even though he was such a bright light physically while here, he is so much more connected and even more bright now! His physical being couldn’t handle what he is now. He is able to completely be what everyone only caught a glimpse of when he was physically here. As Mom and Dad, this is hard because it is such a huge trade off for you! OMG, I can’t begin to fathom it! But because although I grieve/greived for you especially Connie, it is not my own personal grief, so it is easier for me to see the magnitude of his power now…I’m not trying to clear away the grief constantly to be able to see it. I am so thankful for the knowledge, wisdom and love that your son is giving us all and I am also so thankful for your courage and strength as parents who physically lost their child to remain open with this journey you are on. You amaze me constantly! Again with huge love and respect!

  2. Dana says:

    [quote]We get into some pretty deep conversations that the rest of the world is NOT ready to hear yet! Sorry Swati![/quote]

    Forget about Swati – I want to know too! :-P *grin*

    As I like to tell Swati –

    You’re MY KIND of weird!

    So let it all hang out on this site! I don’t think it’s ‘weird’ or ‘crazy’ at all!

  3. Leah Clark says:

    I agree with Karen – it is most definitely easier for us to see the larger picture of how many more people Andrew is able to affect from where he is now. I can’t imagine that being much of a consolation to you as his parents, but I would say that someday you will know just how much you have contributed to the peace and joy on this planet by signing on to raise an Avatar. (Hey, ask Andrew if there’s a support group here for that? LOL) I would like to say that I for one have been vastly, completely and forever changed by knowing you and your awesome boy.

  4. admin says:

    I can’t thank you all enough for being on the “outside” so to speak and looking in. Because I know you really aren’t on the outside, just enough to get a better perspective than myself sometimes. It’s because of you validating our journey and Andrew that helps me tremendously to carry on. That Martin and I are NOT crazy, all this is for REAL and there is a HUGE purpose in the physical loss of our amazing, beautiful son.

    It’s like Christmas morning every morning when I come on here to read the comments! Even if they are only a few, they are powerful! ANd they touch my heart!

    Martin said last night that if Andrew had of stayed, his purpose would not have been fulfilled. He wouldn’t have spoken out, he wouldn’t have taught on the bigger scale that he needed to teach here. But from where he is now, he can do so much more. Him being there is much more comfortable for him. Hard to believe since he loved it so much here. But he was shy here. When I talked to him about speaking in front of groups he shot me such a look like “What u talking about Willis?” Ok, maybe it wasn’t Willis he called me! LOL Might have been a more like a word with a “B” in it!

    You are right Karen, I am constantly clearing the grief so it’s harder for me to see his full power at the moment. I know it, but it’s hard to feel and see it all just yet. But I’m getting there! It’s a process. I know in time the grief will be minor and his power will be much more clearer to me. Altho the dragon bit was a pretty good darn sign of just how powerful he is!

    That’s what I love about ALL you guys here, you’re my kind of weird too! I think I’m going to leave the deeper stuff to Martin tho to explain in the book. I gotta give you a reason to buy the book, right?? I will now include you too Dana when I reference Swati! LOL

    I may have to start an Avatars Anonymous group Leah! LOL LOL For friends and families of Avatars! Hmmm maybe my next book will be “Avatars! And The Parent’s Who Love & Raise Them” LOL

    I can’t thank you all enough for sharing this hard but sacred journey with us! I know we will all be blessed for being on this journey together!

    Much love is being sent to you all! I hope you can feel it!

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