Martin has been telling me for the past 7 months that if I want to connect with Andrew on the same level he does I have to heal the grief. I’ve gotten pretty good messages from Andrew and feel him touching me even as I have been moving through the grief. But I knew there was so much more to experience than what I have been by getting through the grief.

Remember in my Ribet Ribet story about my whining of never having a visitation from Andrew? The only dreams I was having was of him in the hospital? We were always dealing with the leukemia? Martin said that was because that’s where my thoughts keep going, back to the hospital. Well, that has taken a turn! Now when I see him, I see him where he is now. I put myself there and not in the hospital anymore when I want to spend time with him. That really works!!

When you heal grief, you make so much room for a hell of a lot more good to come in! I had the best dream last night. I was so excited it woke me up! But it was at the end of our visit and I just basked in the wonderful energy of it. It left me feeling like I spent time with Andrew last night….and I did! It was amazing! That was the feeling I was talking about that I wanted to feel in Acceptance post.

I had this dream that we were at some small convention or something similar. It was all women and even Andrew’s girlfriend was there. I knew Andrew was on the Other Side but I could see him clear as day and we were chatting away having a good time. I then notice someone asking another woman who was I talking to because they couldn’t see anybody near me! But I could see who was near me! :-) Andrew and I laughed about it.

I was giving Andrew’s girlfriend messages from Andrew. I was giving others messages as well from Andrew but not saying where I was getting them from. We kept that our little secret. Mostly we just hung around together talking like we use to.

My next goal is to have him take me on a journey around the castle! Show me the grounds and all the cool stuff we have there.

The important thing about this dream is that I FELT it! I felt like we had spent time together! That’s what happens when you trade pain for peace!!


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  1. Swati says:

    YAHOOOOO for Connie!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!! I love your dream!!! Maybe it wasn’t a dream at all….maybe it was an astral travel, or maybe it was a look into your future…when you will be doing exactly that…will be able to see Andrew and talk to him, and give his messages to everyone. You are already giving his messages to everyone. But it will get even cooler when you’ll see him standing next to you and telling you what to speak.

    Do look into the link that is in the link I sent you (yes, a very convoluted sentence, but less convoluted than the movie sentence you wrote in the other blog entry! LOLOLOL). The link for the Monroe Institute has these wonderful stories of experiences of people…amazing astral travels, meeting with dear ones who have crossed etc. Its very encouraging to read.

  2. Leila says:


    Why not take him on a journey around the castle???? it is yours ya know

    Two thumbs up to you Pretty Mamma for trading pain for peace today.
    Sister you amaze me!!!!

    Much love, hugs and abundant blessings!

  3. Denise says:

    Oh Darlink,

    That is soooooooooooo AWESOME !!!! :D big {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}

    Love You

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    Believe me Leila! That is what I am wanting, a trip around the castle! But it didn’t happen last night. I will have to go to the link Swati gave me and practice, practice, practice! I am getting my personal tour dammit! :-)
    I know it wasn’t a “dream” really, it was a visitation. Although it was the ego keeping me from my castle tour and took me to some kind of convention atmosphere.

    What convoluted movie reference Swati?
    BUT I’m one step closer! :-)

  5. Leah Clark says:

    Hey! I want some Peace Rocks!!! Where can I get some???????????

  6. Karen T. says:

    Oooo! How exciting for you Connie!! Happy face going on for you here. And I can’t wait to give you happy hugs on Saturday! See you soon.

  7. kimberley says:

    Yes, Peace Rocks!!!
    Connie, check your email- there’s a surprise-

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