Because IT’S ALL GOOD DAY is getting ready to snow ball! Here is a letter from the an Australian woman from the James Van Praagh board that gave a talk in her church on Sunday about Andrew and IT’S ALL GOOD DAY! The tears were running down my cheek as I read this!

Hi Witchy,

Ok this is a bit bizarre, I did my talk on Sunday evening, it went over really well,they loved the idea, then we had our guided meditation and channeled as much light love to ((Andrew)) as was possible.The buzz in the room was AWESOME really.

So the next morning I go to a store in a neighbouring town to grab some stuff for the kids to eat at the beach. The young girl at the checkout takes the money and as I am about to walk out the store she says to me Its all good . I turned with my jaw gapping before I could think I said to her why did you say that?. She says her friend went to church last nite and told her about Int. IT’S ALL GOOD DAY, she precedes to tell me its about a guy called Andrew and its on the 22nd Oct. I am so gobsmacked all I can say is Gee that sounds great LOL.

Here is some of what I told them I also described his arrival on the other side in full as channeled by Andrew.

I am going to talk about a young man whom is a complete stranger to everyone here a young man who slipped into another dimension quietly almost 1 year ago. By the time I finish you will all know Andrew the Avatar (a being that descends to lower realms for a special purpose), the light bringer, who in life, bought joy, hope love to many. A young man who lived his life on the other side of the world to us, but has so easily touched many souls across a universe, and I feel his best is yet to come.

Andrew suddenly got ill with leukemia within four months was gone, at the age of 16 leaving a family, friends in grief, for the loss of the physical and what may have been, had he stayed. Andrew thru his father Martin, has been able to enlighten us already to the journey he experienced as he stepped into the next dimension, over there he is known as Glan Croi, meaning pure heart, an apt name for a young one who cared about others, who cared about this world, his family, peoples happiness and who connected to the ethereal from a young age, whom had a knowing that there was more to it than just this. A knowing beyond his 16 earth years.

Andrew worked in the light, with the light, from the light, his pure heart resonated with the light for maximum impact upon this world, so in need of light love. Andrew has ascended back into light to magnify its beauty, it’s healing energy Andrew has indeed left an imprint on this world, and from the next he sends messages of love and to let us know Its all good over there, we will walk in its love and work from the light to bring joy to others, that burn not quite so brightly, we can light many candles from this earth, and fan the flames even more brightly from the other.

On the 22nd of October, it will have been one year, since Andrew ascended to his higher calling, his true purpose. His rightful place. In honour of the work Andrew continues to do, and in the hope that this world can become a place were many more of us will light candles that will burn for eternity, Andrew’s family ask that this day be known as It’s all good day, one of Andrews favourite sayings, even in the face of pain, sadness and uncertainty it was all good to Andrew. If a young man of 17 could have this attitude and embrace a higher calling, can we not for one day just see it as all good?

On the 22nd of October I ask all of you to have a day were it is all good, and please light a candle in celebration of Andrews life, so he may see how many of us are prepared to shine in this world. Send some light and love out to the universe, and to Andrew to help him continue his journey of pure heart. Please spread the word to as many people as you can, about this day, in this way we make Andrew’s mission just that little bit easier, and we spread light to many lives as well. In the end you know it is all good how could it be any other way, when we have our path lit by Andrew and the many others like him.

In light love Dreamer…



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  1. Leila says:

    This gave me chills when I read it.
    Yes, It’s all good!

  2. Lord Horus says:

    I GOT CHILLS!!!!… AWESOME!!!.. Sings..”WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS….”… Go Andrew.. Go Andrew!!!

    That’s freaking awesome Connie… Keep Getting your son’s message out there!!

  3. Leah Clark says:

    OH yeah!!! Of course, WHY are we surprised??? LOL!!! Andrew, you ROCK, dude!!!

  4. Karen T. says:

    Chills for sure!! I’ll be spreading the word. How beautiful!!

  5. Swati says:

    Wow!! Amazing!!!!

  6. admin says:

    I am just in awe of this! This woman didn’t know anything about our story until a few months ago!

    There is definitely a bigger plan in place here with all that we have been through!

  7. Dana says:

    What an AMAZING story to wander back into! Way To Go!

  8. Jane says:

    I have sent the message you posted on the Angel board to a friend who has a HUGE mailing list and asked him to please share it with others.

  9. admin says:

    Thank you Jane!!!

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