I was sitting here watching “Two And A Half Men” when I got the funniest sign from Andrew. While I am doing better, there are these moments I still have that are, “OMG Muck’s really not here physically and I won’t ever get to hug him again this lifetime.”  It’s still hard to comprehend. I don’t go into deep despair or the ugly tears and snotters cry every time. That is happening less and less, it’s just a few tears and then I remind myself that I want to keep my vibration high and not go into muggleville.

Today I was whining to Muck about his fairy light not being on yesterday and today. I was also looking at pics of him because I add one everytime I post on the angel board, so I was missing him. As I was watching “Two And A Half Men,” Charlie’s girlfriend’s ex-mother in law passed and she was going to her funeral. She calls him while she is away and Charlie asked how was the funeral. She said it was sad. Then what does Charlie say? “That’s why they don’t call it a FUNeral.” HA! WE DO!! ROFLMAO!  :-D Remember when Andrew pointed out to Martin what the first 3 letters in FUNeral were when I was struggling with that word the week of his service? Muck got what he wanted, his Pretty Mama going from sad to LHAO! If that ain’t a sign from Muck, I don’t know what is!! Totally caught me off guard! I got that usual feeling I get when Andrew is sending me a sign, which is how I know it’s from him.


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9 Responses to OMG TOO FUNNY!

  1. Swati says:

    You watch that too? I do too! Its HILARIOUS!! LMAO!! And that was such an AWESOME sign from Andrew!!

  2. Leah Clark says:

    So glad to hear it’s getting a little easier for you. I’ll never look at FUNerals the same way again! LMAO!!!

  3. admin says:

    While I will NEVER, ever, ever ever, EVER get over Andrew leaving us physically, I am learning to get through it. That’s all I can do. I will always shed a tear over him but I will always celebrate him for who he was and who he is. If we could make Andrew’s service a FUNeral, everyone should be able to turn funerals into FUNerals IMHO! I am proud of Andrew’s!

    I LOVE 2 1/2 Men! Jake makes me LMAO! He reminds me of Wes. I nearly s**t myself when I heard Charlie say FUNeral! Then today on a re-run I got another sign that made me laugh. It was when Charlie fantasized about ripping off Allan’s arm and beating him with it. How could that be a sign? I hear you ask? Because when Elatia and I were out for lunch yesterday, we were telling the waitress how we would leave these detailed, very graphic, death threats on our left over food containers so none of the boys would touch it. One of them was about ripping off your arm, and beating you with the bloody stump. And that was putting it politely, it was more graphic than that. LOL What can I say? We are a creative, sick family! :-D

    I probably shouldn’t be admitting any of this to you now Swati huh? LOL I should’ve waited until AFTER we were at your house. :-D

  4. Leah Clark says:

    On the contrary, Connie – I bet you’ll get an even WARMER welcome now that Swati knows for sure how WEIRD youse guys are… LMAO!!! Right, Swati??? (bats eyes furiously)

  5. admin says:

    I dunno, she ain’t talking Leah! We may be sleeping in our car.

  6. Jeremy says:

    That is so funny! I always watch 2&1/2 men as well and I caught that sign as well.. I almost called you guys to tell you about it. I’m glad you were watching it instead though.

    I LOVE that show. … that and Big Bang Theory.

  7. admin says:

    fantastic! so i wasn’t the only one who caught it as well and thought the same thing!

  8. Swati says:

    LOL!!!! Leah is right…the weirder you are the better it is for me ;-).

  9. admin says:

    *phew! wipes brow* Soooo happy to hear that one! I will be addressing the ripping off of one’s arm on Sunday but I gotta get ready now for our big day of readings and sold out show! *doin happy dance!*

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