I am soooo working on having an OBE and hooking up with Andrew! If I don’t, I won’t last long on this dumb ass dimension! How do parents go through losing a child without this knowledge?? I have this knowledge and I still have a hard time wanting to stay here! Thank you Swati for recommending the book. I will probably get his other book too. Astral traveling is my mission, my obsession now. That is what I am working hard on. It’s really the only way to true spiritual enlightenment anyway. All the great spiritual leaders like Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Andrew, ;-) etc were spiritual explorers here, they ALL astral traveled, hence being an Enlightened Being. Upon hooking up with Andrew, there is so much more to be gained!

I love the personal stories of people who have OBE’s in the book. I believe I had one last night. A minor one mind you, but one none the less. I saw myself stepping on my scale and it said I was down some weight, it felt very real. When I woke up I thought “Damn! it was a dream!” I wasn’t sure if I had dropped any more weight this week. Elatia and I discussed it last night, neither of us thought we did. I get on the scale this morning before my WW meeting and it said exactly what I had seen in my “dream.” I was excited! I felt good today too. I think I am tapping into my OBE’s that I have every night anyway. I just don’t remember it. That is true for most of us. I am working hard on having conscious ones now! BTW I’m down 17.6 lbs and Elatia is down over 43 lbs!

Alls I know is that I WILL be hooking up with Andrew very soon. We will be connecting as real on the astral plane as we did here. Let’s face it, the astral plane is more real than here any way. Here is temporary, the astral plane is our permanent home! Once I can tap into that whenever I want, staying here will be bearable.

So that is what I have been working on. When I have a major experience, I will be posting it here.


Hmmmm a sign me thinks just happened. I was watching George Lopez on Nick at Nite just now. I have seen just about all the episodes but I hadn’t seen this particular scene. George had an out of body experience trying to slap himself around when he suggested to Angie that they renew their vows. Cool huh? :-)

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3 Responses to JANE!!! GET ME OFF THIS PLANE!

  1. Dana says:

    Ooooo….super CONGRATS on the weight loss Connie (and Elatia)! I just saw a pic of myself (from behind no less *EEK!*) taken last July at our carnival at work. OMG! I seriously need to drop the poundage!

    Boy oh boy Connie – if that wasn’t an OBE – it sure was a psychic moment!

    Andrew came thru just once last Saturday when I was reading at a psychic fair. As always, he was most helpful! He was speaking for a young lady who had passed approx 18 months ago (apparently she was young too). They did not elaborate on ‘how’ she passed (do you ever notice how that usually isn’t important to them?). But he/they did bring many messages of comfort to my client (hooray!) She and her hubby were very impressed!

    If it weren’t for school beginning in 3 weeks (9 credit hours and 3 classes – Yikes! I haven’t done this in awhile!), I’d order the book on OBE’s as well. Maybe over Christmas break eh?

  2. Pretty Mama says:

    IMHO I think it is the conscious OBE’s that have all the fan fair i.e. buzzing, humming, or a train type sound with vibrating. When we are sleeping we just go and do our thang but don’t usually remember it. I was affirming as I was going to sleep that I would remember my OBE and that I NOW experience my Higher Self. Not so sure if the latter happened though. Maybe I actually did since it is our Higher Selves that watch out for us & mine knew I was wondering about my Monday weigh in. ;-)

    It’s so good to hear that Andrew is still helping others and being such a gentleman. I was talking to Wesley about not getting caught up in what the school sez about him or worry if he struggles with the school work. He was held back a year a while back. I told him he was very smart and that Andrew struggled in school too and look how smart he is. Wes then said “Yea, but Andrew is like a God! He did everything well!” I reminded him again that he struggled in public school and was labeled ADD and learning disabled! He was in the “special” class of only 13 kids.

    When we home schooled Andrew we saw what we knew was true, he was incredibly smart!

    I am so happy that Andrew could bring some comfort to her parents. He just always knows how to make people feel good. He did here and so happy to see him continuing to do what he does so well!

    Yea, that does happen a lot, Martin doesn’t always get how they crossed either. I noticed that with John Edward too. I think a lot of times it’s because they have more important things to say and don’t want to waste their energy on what they already know.

    Good luck with school! I give you and Denise a lot of credit! *standing O*

  3. Swati says:

    [quote]Alls I know is that I WILL be hooking up with Andrew very soon. [/quote]

    THAT’S what I want to hear from you! :-D And soon I want to hear, “I DID IT!!!!!!” I swear…that will be one of the happiest moments in my life.

    And you are right, the conscious OBE’s are the ones that get all the fanfair. But we have OBE’s every night I think. I think many of our dreams are really OBE’s. But yes…the conscious ones are the ones that give us MOST comfort.

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