With the signs!! It was almost over kill tonight.(Thursday) Oh who am I kidding! No it wasn’t! :-)

A friend who I met through this blog and is an ATP(r) is visiting Fla so she and her husband came by tonight & they took us out to dinner to LongHorns where Elatia works but she wasn’t on tonight. So Emily, her sis in law waited on us.

We got there and I saw Rev. Duffy who came to our show and brought a bunch of people. Said hello and we sat at our table. When she was leaving she stopped by our table and sez “So when is your tour starting!?” :-) I said “Umm any day now.” :-D She assured us that we have huge things coming our way soon! That we have things bigger than we could imagine coming our way. I dunno, I imagine pretty big!

Funny thing is, is that before we went to LH, Lorett, my friend said to me while at home ” This whole thing, the blog, your show, everything, is going to be so big. You are building something huge is what you are doing.” I am paraphrasing but that was the general idea.

But that’s not the end of it. Martin is in the bathroom and someone else comes by the table and is looking at me smiling like she knows me so I smile back. She then approaches and reminds me where I met her, our last show. She then asks when is our tour starting!! Because we are going to be big! Martin comes back and she tells him how incredible his reading was at the show. She finally found out what property was selling & he was right even tho she gave him that blank look that mediums get a lot, the HUH? look. LOL

She raved about our show, looked at me and said again, “you have BIG things coming your way! HUGE! Bigger than you know!” I was gobsmacked! As they say in the UK. This was the 3rd person tonight who said about huge things coming our way from all this.

Then after the bill is paid we are sitting and chatting away when Emily comes by with 2 big deserts! One of them Andrew’s fav! Fried cheese cake cubes with strawberry topping and what looked like 2 death by chocolate cakes! We looked at each other wondering where this came from. Eddie the manager sent them over. Feeling famous, because we NEVER get anything comped by da management! SO it looked like we were some kind of VIP’s. Yea, yea, yea, I know we are but most people don’t know that!

Then when we got back to our house Lorett was so kind as to do some reflexology on my feet. (Yea, I know it’s redundant but it kinda explains it to those who may not know it’s for da feet) That was so great, I was really digging that and showed me how much I need to relax & receive because I kept trying to help! Time to receive Connie! I hear you say?? Easier said than done people! BUT I’m giving it the ole college try on Tuesday!! I’ll have about 5 hours to get it down! :-)

I have to say again, I was feeling a little famous tonight! LOL It looked like we paid these people to stop by our table the way they came by one after another saying how great we are! LOL
So bring it on Muck!!! The HUGE GREAT stuff (not this huge lousy crap I’ve had for awhile now!) Let Elatia have her award back! She really worked for it, you just ascended! :-D BUT did cause me more grief! (check the “Award Goes To” post to understand that one. I added a comment explaining it)


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  1. kimberley says:

    Ok, So when does the tour start ?

  2. admin says:

    Yea Andrew when does it start?? :-D

  3. Karen T. says:

    Lemme know…I’ll PR the hell out of it!! Woohoo!!

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