Upon being a song writer, Spirit Guide and Avatar, he a roadie now too! Andrew has been really at Martin with these songs for the music cd. Martin has been trying to get websites done but Andrew won’t let up! Martin heard the song today “Only Love us Real” and thought maybe their myspace page was up or something but nope! Martin is really hearing the song! SO Martin sits back and closes his eyes and sees Andrew playing the guitar and singing the song! He said his voice is phenomenal! Andrew wants Martin to get the cd on the indie charts!

I keep hearing guitar music coming out of the office when Martin is suppose to be finishing websites! LOL Only it is Martin I’m hearing, not Andrew. Andrew has even been walking around in a leather Pure Heart tour jacket!! LMAO! Well of course I want one now! :-)

So I don’t know what he’s got up his sleeve but I hope we get to find out soon! I’ve been doing pretty good for a little while now, but I am ready to find out why the hell my son had to leave here! He better show us soon if he wants me to continue doing well anyway! I haven’t been sleeping well lately, dunno what’s up with that!

What can he do there that he can’t do here, besides levitate and the other cool stuff he can do. To me, Martin and I should have HUGE, GREAT things happen for us since we had to give up our amazing son! AND we are holding it together and using our experience to teach. We haven’t fallen into the pitfalls of such a devastating loss!

As a mother I want to know these things. Why an incredible young man that is so wise, so smart, so in tune with himself and the world around him and such a gentleman, such an amazing bright light that touched so many lives, had to leave here. Like we don’t need these amazing people HERE dammit!?? There has to be something bigger in all this. AND according to Andrew’s tour jacket, there is! :-)

I know now that we have even more to offer than just the 2 hour comedy/mediumship show! We can offer a 90min comedy show only, we can do a 1/2 hr music opening then the comedy show, and we can do an Evening with Pure Heart with messages from Andrew plus singing the songs he’s given Martin. So I’m hoping to be able to book us for more than one event at an out of town venue now. Plus Martin can do readings the following day after a performance. We also have my book and more on the way, my own signature perfume WiZdom, Martin’s meditation cd’s and music cd, Are we a goldmine waiting to happen or what??? :-D :-D

Well, let’s get it going dude! :-D Me and Daddy are ready! Let’s start doing all the things we talked about! Our hopes, dreams and goals! I didn’t think I would want to do them anymore after you left but I am ready! I know you have something to do with that! I want to do all the things you and I talked about on our lunch dates, grocery shopping, running errands and in the hospital. Signs are great, but it’s time for some action! Mommy has spoken!! Remember, I know we still out rank you!!! LOL ;-)


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5 Responses to HE’S A ROADIE NOW TOO!

  1. Tammy says:

    Can I have one of the tour jackets??? It sounds AWESOME!!!!!
    As for not sleeping, ask Denise too check you our for a Vitamin B deficiency….that is what was wrong with me awhile ago…..my blood chi was off because of it!!!! My acupunturist was amazed I was sleeping at all because of the deficieny!! Just a thought!!!

    love ya

  2. Denise says:

    Me Too I want a Jacket!!!!!!!!! Ya I’ll check her out Tammy, my patients have to tell me whats going on with them hummmm hamm Connie???!!!

    I can’t wait to see the first show of the tour ,The official groupie here.I think Ive been to almost all of your shows??? Connie and they have all been Awesome , this tour is going to be KICK ASS.

    Love you

  3. admin says:

    Seriously?? That’s all you’re wanting?? Not the freakin music cd?? Without people wanting that there is no tour or jacket!!! Geez! You’d know that you 2 know each other!!! LOL

  4. Karen T. says:

    Hey Connie…I must get with you and smell WiZdom. Looking for a new and amazing scent. And I will be in for the cd’s when this business I have manifested takes off. Woohoo for you and what the future holds!!

  5. admin says:

    Uhh Denise??? YOu sleeping or sumthin?? Aren’t you my PR on this one?? Get on here and brag away! LOL She has been hounding me to get more made! As soon as I get the moola I will! But I do have some of mine here Karen.

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