Since we have had a few severe years of hurricanes back in 2004 and 2005, like 4 hurricanes in 5 weeks just in Fla. Hmmmm and they all hit south, north, and east of Sarasota. Since then the news media goes into over kill with the slightest sign of a storm! They all turn into Chicken Littles! “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Pulease! Even I could tell looking at the radar that the tropical storm was disorganized & wouldn’t grow into a monstrous storm like Katrina or Andrew (1992). I also noticed that both sides of the Florida coast were claiming the storm. Like the weather men were fighting over it, “It’s coming to our area! No! It’s coming to ours!” I couldn’t figure why the weather channels were carrying on the way they were, like a category 10 storm was coming or something! (yes, I know there is no such thing as a category 10, that was for dramatic effect :-) Weather stations ain’t the only drama queen around here ;-) as you all well know by now )

So as I’m watching the weather people loving to hear themselves talk, and wondering why they are making such a big deal out this storm, I ‘hear’ “because it will drive people to the stores to stock up on supplies.” I then asked for some validation of this and I heard “turn on SNN,” our local 24 hr news station. I turn it on and what are they saying as soon as I turn it on? “You need to stock up on batteries, water, have a radio, flash light, canned & dry goods, a generator,” etc Then they go right into another story. As soon as that happened, the glass door on my entertainment center opened. A classic “Muck” sign of validation I was hearing him.

I went to the bank yesterday and sho enuff the grocery store was packed like it was the day before Thanksgiving! I wanted to pick up a few things that I forgot the other day but I wasn’t going to fight the crowds for my Weight Watcher’s English muffins.

They even interrupted regular programming yesterday right before the news to babble on about the same damn thing! Arrrrrg! Are you kidding me with this? I remember having 90 mile an hour gale force winds when we lived in Ireland and it was nothing. No hoopla. We had a storm about a week or so ago with 60 mile an hour winds and no news hoopla. SO I didn’t understand why another storm of 60-70 mile an hour winds was a big deal here. ANNNND I was right! We have yet to get any kind of wind or rain! It’s been cloudy and nice and breezy. :-)

I just think it’s about balance and not going into fear and acting like a category 50 storm is coming when it is only a tropical storm. It’s about being smart about it and acting accordingly, is all I’m saying.


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  1. Karen T. says:


  2. Lord Horus says:

    Yeah. I had to go to the store on Sunday to pick up a few things and it was nuts. All the bottled water was sold already at one store, so I had to go to a Publix that was out of the way and it was still really busy but at least they had some water.

    The gas stations were all over crowded too, I had to wait in line there too. I simply needed these items for weekly consumption but everyone else was like.. OMG What are we gonna DOOOOoo! *chews on nails*..

    It was really sad to see how the news stations were carrying on… but you are right it was a HUGE boost to Retail Sales.

    Might help spark the economy in Florida a bit… which would be good.

    But yeah I think this is the most coverage a Tropical Storm has ever gotten. They just kept saying OOOH its going to be a Class 1 Hurricane by the time it hits… and.. it wasn’t.

    Fear, Fear Fear Fear Fear Fear Fear… its all about Fear…

    I Say Screw that what is there to be afraid of anyway?

  3. Swati says:

    Oh, and the funniest version of fear stories these days is in my home country…India. Any time I call anyone home: my parents, my sis-in-law, my parents-in-law, all they ask me abut is, “Have you heard?? The world is going to end in 2012!!!” Arrrrrrrghhhh!!! It seems they are making a huge deal of it in the media there. Although, this time I guess its not for making them stock up…cuz no use buying things if you’re going to die anyways. LOLOLOLOL!!! But I think its more of who can give more sensational and dramatic news, so their channel will be more popular.

  4. Joanie Light says:

    We’ve had the same thing here in Texas with one small hurricane and tropical storm. We were predicted to get over eight inches of rain with each storm. They both missed us and went over South Texas and Houston. We barely got a sprinkle. People were getting a little pissy about it, too.

  5. admin says:

    We were told to expect 8-10 inches of rain, 60-70 mile an hour winds that it was heading our way. I saw a very unorganized storm and didn’t see it doing much of anything on the west coast of Fla. I understand warnings but they are just ripping the arse out of it now with any of these storms! They were acting like Andrew or Charlie was coming our way! It’s a freakin tropical storm! Even when Gabrielle hit Sept 14th 2001 it was 80 mile an hour winds. It did take our big tree out and loosened a few screens but it didn’t do devastating damage like they have been acting lie lately with a weaker tropical storm. Then they wonder why people don’t take them seriously when a REAL storm is coming.

    Seriously?? They are hyping 2012 end of the world crap in India?? Jeezus! When will people wise up!? I am really wasting my time on this dimension! Beam me the hell up Scottie! ANYBODY!

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