When you live a metaphysical life, it makes things a whole lot more interesting! We are NOT limited to religious dogma but open to all that the Universe offers on this dimension as well as other dimensions! I have to say it’s pretty darn cool because family that have moved on can still be a part of your every day life. All you have to do is be open to the endless possibilities! :-D

Martin and I usually spend Thursdays together. It’s his only full day off so we enjoy it by going out shopping and just hanging out together. Last Thursday I posted on my Face Book page that Andrew would be joining us out and adding laughter to our day like he usually does. Little did I know just how much laughter he would be adding!

Martin and I went to the mall to do a bit of shopping and boy does that feel good to do that again! Well, I can’t go to the mall and not go to Cosimos Italian restaurant! They have a great happy hour, great food, and a great bartender! SO after our wee bit of shopping that we had a lot of fun doing, we stop off at Cosimos. I didn’t think the fun could get any better, but yet it did!

As we were sitting at the bar chatting away, several transitioned family members show up. Martin’s cousin Kiern, who passed at 38yo 4 or 5 yrs ago, flies by on a Quidage broom, and says, “Well, that’s something you don’t see everyday, a Jordan sitting at the bar drinking water! Off to Quidage!” And off he flew on his Quidage broom! OMG! we LOAO because he was soooo right! A Jordan (Martin) only drinking water at a bar?? Unheard of! LOL But Kiern and Quidage?? Freakin hilarious! Maybe he did because he knew we were Potter fans.

As we were sitting there, a song came on that I haven’t heard on a radio in probably 8 years! A song that our Uncle Christy sent me to give to his family after he passed, “I’ll Be There” by the Escape Club. It’s a beautiful song about what someone who crossed would say to their loved ones still here. SO we knew Christy was there with us too. That song is his calling card. It brought tears to my eyes because I remember the moment I knew he was sending me the song, and how much it meant to his family. The only time I have ever heard the song was when I was driving to the airport to pick up his daughter Christine from the airport, or when she and I were together at the beach or in the car together. It was so wild to hear that song while out after all these years. Uncle Christy was letting us know he was right there with us. He was another clown too!

Andrew took Martin’s attention away with a red kayak on a car that drove by. (you remember the whole red kayak story, right?) Martin saw it in the mirror at Cosimos. Then Andrew shows Martin a big ole sneaker on a car. Martin coulda sworn he saw it drive by too but because he saw how Andrew was acting, he knew that Andrew was just messing with him, yet he continued to look for a car with a big ole sneaker on it…just in case! LMAO! Geez he is soo easy and Andrew knows it AND takes advantage of it every chance he gets!

Martin and I had such a blast laughing our asses off with our family members on the Other Side that day! SO much so, people must’ve thought we were drunk because we were having so much fun! We were high five-ing each other and just having a blast as our transitioned loved ones spent the day with us out and about. I just love living the metaphysical life, it makes being on this dense dimension so much easier to deal with, knowing there is so much more than just here. So much more to look forward to when I get to leave here.

Having one day off with Martin where we don’t have to do anything but what we want and being able to afford what we want finally, well, it’s just AWESOME!


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  1. Kitty Billington says:

    Hi Connie,
    Wow! Talk about validations from the other side. Mine usually come in dreams but when life is going well and calm I think it makes it easier for loved ones to come through whether it is subtle or not. I used to have things happening so often that I kept a journal. I can’t wait until things get back to somewhat normal, less stress so that I can enjoy those awesome moments when the Supernatural happen.
    I can say in your case, between the two of you, it must be a Blast when you can share it together. Not everyone is that fortunate, my Hubby…Love him to pieces does not like to hear about it at all. Even when his Grandma Hatton came to me in a dream, I asked her if she wanted anything and she said, “I would love a green apple.” I gave her a green apple and she was sooo happy. I asked Duane’s Mom if G.Hatton loved green apples and she said, “Well, she couldn’t eat them when she got old.” I then had to ask again if she had loved green apples. Duane’s Mom said, “Well, yes, when she was a child they had a Granny Smith apple tree in their yard in Kanosh and she just Loved them.” She then asked me why I asked, so I told her and she being a Morman was in shock. Weeks later she said, “I wonder why she hasn’t come to visit me in a dream?” Then she answered her own question and said, “I guess she knew that you are the one most likely to receive the message.” I told her probably so and that when she is grieving it’s harder for her to come through.

  2. admin says:

    The one thing keeping us somewhat sane is staying connected to the Other Side and not keeping it separate from us. Andrew is still very much a part of our lives, just in a new way. It most certainly keeps life way more interesting that is for sure! We will sit on the back patio and have conversations with Andrew and just laugh and laugh! We are spirits having a human experience, not the other way around, so being aware of the metaphysical should be our natural state. It’s our natural gift and right. No one, no religion, has the right to take that from us!

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