I was in the living room when Lip Stick Jungle came on. I had just been looking at pics on my camera from when we were Ireland with family. There is a lot of pics of Andrew. So mama gene kicks in, not full force but just enough to realize that my loss is real. As i turn my attention to the tv show, there is a conference going on and the project is “The John Lennon Project” or something to that John Lennon affect.

Then Martin comes out of the office laughing and proceeds to tell me the sign he just got from Andrew on W.O.W. (on line game) Someone said they were leaving to get something to eat. Another asked what they were going to eat. Their reply? Ramaen Noodles. One of Andrew’s fav cuisines. But they added, “I love my noodlie goodness.” Now that is classic Andrew! Like his steakie goodness, fuzzy goodness, and all his other goodnesses. :-D

As we come up to his 1 year anniversary of his journey home, he is really coming through with the signs fast and furious.

Which reminds me of a sign he gave Martin the other day on the way home from 7-11. Martin went on his own that time, occasionally I let Martin go on his own since there appears to be some sort of auto pilot on my car for 7-11. Martin asked Andrew for a sign and at that moment their song came on and they started dancing to it. This is why I don’t let Martin drive on is own very much. He’s not in body long enough! So as Martin and Andrew are dancing away when a line comes up that sez I nibble your ear. Here we go with the Michael Jacksoness of it all again! lol Martin doesn’t know the name of the song or who does it, but with that line, it sounds like it’d be an MJ song!

Anyhoo, when that line comes up, Martin and Andrew stop dancing, look at each other with the “I don’t think so, look,” then dance in the other direction of each other to enjoy the rest of the song. Mind you, this is all going on while Martin’s driving! Martin came home laughing and shared his father/son moment with me.

Andrew is working hard to stay extra close to us as we come up on his 1st anniversary. Even though he had no business leaving, (for u Swati) he is a good son!


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6 Responses to DOUBLE WHAMMY

  1. Jane says:

    I can just imagine the ‘I don’t think so’ look’

  2. Pretty Mama says:

    I know it made Martin LHAO all the way home Jane! He couldn’t stop laughing. We had so many silly moments with Andrew when he was here, I am glad he is still making them happen.

    What better Wife Swap show to do now for ratings than to have a mother come here and have a son in Spirit to deal with??? :-D AND a father who not only sees and hears him, but all kinds of spirits! LMAO! Now that’s entertainment! They have the footage we sent with Andrew in it. They have wanted a metaphysical family, well you can’t get more metaphysical than having your son in Spirit and STILL be a big part of your life and work! I am soooooo tempted to e-mail Heather and update her and ask her if we can still be on the show. If I get bored one day I just might! :-D :-D

  3. Swati says:

    “I don’t think so” look must have been HILARIOUS!!! Oh yes, please do write to the wife swap show. I’d love to see you in it :-D

  4. Jane says:

    OMG – I almost feel sorry for the family that you swap with. Although, it will make fantastic and entertaining viewing for people like me. Go for it !!

  5. Karen T. says:

    Please, please, please write that show! That would be a hoot to see another family deal with the power of you guys.

  6. Leah Clark says:

    OMG – just had a visual of the swapped Mom trying to get Andrew to clean his room or something like that! hahaha… Yes, please write them and tell US where to write them so we can get you guys on!!!!

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