Has anyone seen that TV show yet? It’s a series. We caught it in Ireland. It’s a dark comedy about a young woman, George, who is killed by a toilet seat from a MIR station that drives her into the pavement. See? A dark comedy. My kind of comedy! She has unresolved issues and still has lessons to learn. She is now a grim reaper.

SO anyway, this past week’s episode, which I think was the first one, was interesting. She had to collect the soul of a little girl on a train. She won’t do it and saves the little girl when the train is in an accident. Her grim reaper leader, Rube, meets up with her & explains that she must collect the little girl’s soul. George asks how she’s suppose to do that to such a young child. That she should be able to live a long life. Rube explains that the young girl’s soul has expired for this body & needed to move on. There was more for her beyond this world. That her soul would rot in this body & it wouldn’t be nice what would happen to her if she stayed.

She begrudgingly goes over to the little girl and touches her and she dies. The little girl walks with George and Rube and than this amazing Light shows up that looks like an amusement park is inside it and the little girl is excited. She runs to it gleefully and George asks what is there for her. Rube told her that it wasn’t for them to know.

I know it’s Hollyweird but there is some truth in this. This is what Martin kinda explained to me what happened with Andrew when he first left. We felt he was too young to go. But if he had stayed, things would not have have gone well for him like we think it would’ve. Things would not have been as good as they had been for him his whole life.

It was interesting for me to see this explanation on a TV show. I was stunned when I saw it. Hmmmm yet another sign from Andrew? I think it is.

Yea, but I still want him back! I’ll take my chances!


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  1. Swati says:

    I think that was a very very awesome sign too….especially to give us reasons and meaning for what has happened. For you the mum, and also for people like me who still demand that he be sent back :). YOu are getting signs after signs. I hope you really are walking around with a camera for all the signs given to you (I know this one is a movie, but for things like dragon, sock, the car, that arrow cloud formation). These will mean a lot to people who will read your book. It will tell people what signs are, and what to look for when looking for signs when someone you love crosses over. I believe your book would be helpful for the people who have lost their dear ones to death.

  2. Dana says:

    Kryon teaches that many ‘teachers’ are channeling info into the movies (and books) that they produce. Tis a way for the masses to hear the teachings without having it shoved down their throats. Those are ready to hear the teaching will respond to it and others will merely think tis just a movie / story. As you are fond of saying, ‘It’s All Good!’

    I think this movie has an awesome message!

  3. Leah Clark says:

    I hope you can see this in the states – sounds like it’s right up my alley!

  4. admin says:

    Oh I definitely think there are amazing enlightened people behind the cameras! James Van Praagh told us in a class once that when he’s on a set he knows which ones are under cover Light Workers. He just winks at them and they grin. A mutual understanding of sorts.

    Dead Like Me is a tv show that was on the Sci Fi channel but just recently saw it on another channel. I didn’t realize it had 2 seasons already! I was just surfing the channels and couldn’t believe I found it! I was going to text Elatia but she called me first because she found it too.

    SO I highly recommend it if you can find it in you area. When I googled it, it said it was on Sci Fi on Tuesdays at 7 & 8 but it was not. *sigh*

    Let’s see what today brings! C’mon Muck! What else you got! :-D

  5. admin says:

    WTTA is the network it is on Leah. I think it is the “MY TV” station I think it is Sunday nights at midnight. I will let you know when I see it again.

  6. Joanie Light says:

    I used to watch that show all the time. I love it. The young woman who plays George has that funky deep voice. Haven’t seen it lately though.

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