Along with all the HUGE signs Andrew has given us recently, he also still continues to give us the wee ones as well. Like here in Minnesota, we’ve never seen Capri Suns individually sold like they do here. Capri Sun was Andrew’s drink of choice when he was feeling well. GatorAide was ruined for him by having to put his Glutamein in it to prevent the mouth sores. I now have to keep a stock of Capri Suns at the house. SO I guess that makles me the the Capri Sun Mom and NOT the KoolAide Mom

Also Martin orders Sprite when we are out now. That was always Andrew’s fav drink when we went out. Even when Martin would push the Coke button at the hospital after Andrew crossed, he would get a Sprite! Every time!

Well, last night was no different when we went out for a Valentine’s meal that KC arranged for us. She insisted we go out. We just went to Ruby Tuesdays. We ordered the peppercorn steaks both cooked medium well. We get our steaks and mine is done medium well just like I ordered which is a rarity, it’s usually too rare for me. But Martin’s??? His was RARE! Nothing medium about it! Just the way Andrew likes it! LMAO!

Even when Martin cooks steaks he hears Andrew as soon as Martin puts them in the pan, “They’re done!” Then he hears Andrew laughing. Andrew liked his steaks mooing! LOL

Martin just ate his steak shaking his head smiling feeling Andrew’s energy with us. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for Andrew! He’ll drink the Sprites, the Capri Suns, he’ll eat the rare steaks, AND Reece Peanut Butter Cups which he hates! ROFLMAO! Not a fan of the peanut butter my Marts. He’s a good father!

SO the 3 of us enjoyed our Valentine’s dinner together.


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  1. Karen T. says:

    I was just beaming while reading this! You guys are so blessed. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed!

  2. Dana says:

    The administrator where I work gave us all Reese’s Pieces for V-Day and yesterday Joe and I had a Sprite at a training we attended! Everyone is on the same wave length here ;)

    Happy Val Day you two (three!)

  3. Denise says:

    Yes” He’s a GOOD FATHER” !! For all of you who do not know martin as I do, He has very picky taste buds!!!!!!!! :D

    I was just sitting here laughing !!! I needed that

    (((((((((HUGS TO YOU THREE ))))))))

    Love You

  4. admin says:

    So it would appear Dana. That’s funny!

    Glad you enjoyed that one Karen! We truly are blessed!

    I knew you would appreciate it Denise! :-D

  5. Swati says:

    LOL!!! So Andrew wanted to eat steak….the way he likes it.

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