4th Annual Int’l IT’S ALL GOOD DAY!

Well, this IIAGD was not as great as the other three. Martin and I decided to do our, Only Love Is Real Concert in Ft. Lauderdale this year since we have been building momentum. Apparently it wasn’t as much momentum as we had thought. *sigh* Only ONE person per show actually showed up besides the people that worked there. SO we actually did the concert for TWO people at the first venue. The second one we decided not to do the concert, but instead eat the cake I had made by Publix grocery store and chat for a bit. I don’t get it, the concert is so powerful, but people aren’t willing to show up for it. AND it was by donation too! *UGH* I am NOT booking the concert anymore. Not sure why Andrew would have Martin put the music CD together then not have the support for it, but it is what it is. Regardless we just keep showing up! No one can accuse us of not showing up everytime!

Andrew has always made each IIAGD special, so what was going on with this one? Well, it was a chance to reflect and see if that was really the case. The week coming up on his anniversary was really great. We had a friend, Morrighan here from FaceBook and the Angel Therapy Board that I finally got to meet. It’s nice when someone is who you think they are on FaceBook. Morrighan was even better in person. She was here for 6 days and we had a blast while she was here. Then our friend Tim came a few days later, so he was here while Morrighan was here too. We all got along so well, one night we were up till 4a.m. talking, laughing while Martin and Tim had a jam session. It was really nice having like minded people here, it was a laughapalooza! So I did have that at least leading up to Andrew’s anniversary.

While we ate cake and chatted with the one person, Janet who showed up, Rev Reckel who owns Modern Zen, and one other person, Martin shared some rather interesting info. People have questions about the other side and why a 16yo like Andrew could get leukemia and pass from it. Or why we all would agree to something like this. I mentioned the time Martin went into meditation to get some answers when he was having a dad moment. Some more info came through that I didn’t know before.

This time Martin tells me that the soul contract was in his hand writing AND Andrew didn’t want to sign it! I thought it was us that didn’t want to! Abuh? What? Really? HIS handwriting!? Andrew didn’t want to sign it?! I need answers here! Martin went on to explain that Andrew was coming here to go through this experience, BUT he didn’t want to put us through it. He wanted to go through it with someone else to save us the heartache. Martin and I really didn’t want to do this but we couldn’t let Andrew go through this with anyone else but us. Now, will we fully understand ALL of this while we are here? NOPE! Not gonna happen, and I am ok with that. This bit of information was certainly interesting to me to say the least.

We had a mediumship event on Sunday, Oct 23rd in Miami at Five Sisters, with Martin available for readings the next way. Well, that was a HUGE success! The event was sold out and Martin was booked for readings on Monday BEFORE we even did the event! That has never happened before. We had to extend the hours to accommodate more people and still had to turn some away. We will definitely be going back there. It was an incredible night of love, laughter and healing. I just love doing these events! I wish we could do them full time NOW! Five Sisters are also interested in our certification class. There appears to be a growing interest in our PureHeart Method aka P(I)MP class. YAY!

So all in all, this week has been really good.


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