I’ll tell you what chicken butt! LOL :-D See? Those Valium accupressure treatments work! Dr. D in the house! Don’t get me wrong, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t cry, it’s just not the big ole ugly cry. I save those for every few weeks.

Here’s what I was really gonna say, I look forward to the day when I can share the great joy and success that Martin and I are bound to have! We’ve always said we’re too purdy not to be out there! LOL Oh, and there might be a bit of talent involved too. :-D

You have seen me through the absolute worse event in my life and I look forward to sharing the absolute best! Not only do Martin and I deserve it but so do you! ;-) Like I’ve said before, I know it hasn’t been easy to come here and read this blog at times, but you keep coming back! And always lending a kind loving word of support. For that I am eternally grateful!!!


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11 Responses to YOU KNOW WHAT??

  1. kimberley says:

    I think your doing an amazing job, under the circumstances. Like you’ve said most families would have fallen apart with what your going through.I think that is a huge success and I know you are and will be blessed with everything you want and need. Yes, it is difficult at times to read your entry’s but, on a selfish note, I have personally learned a lot from you.
    I’m sure you have already thought of this but, rather than trying to fill a venue, why not go where there is already one (like ATP which you are booked to perform). I agree your a gold mine “that is happening”

  2. Leo says:


    Yes, I am looking forward to seeing more of your shining success!

  3. Pretty Mama says:

    Those are hard to come by Kimberly. I was turned down before by ATP(r) when Lynnette was the PA,(I staffed for nearly 2 yrs too!) when I offered to do an evening of comedy to help relieve the “the deer in head lights” look a lot of students have the first few days.
    I contacted places that had workshops regularly thinking they would jump on this opp and instead have had the phone hung up on me after being told “we’re not interested” That happened with John Edward’s friend who owns a place south of me. Biotch!

    I’ve had an ATP(r) that owns a place on the east coast of FL that I also thought would jump @ the chance since we were both ATPs(r) and she was border line rude! I had to listen how great she and her place were. I think they both kinda suck IMHO!

    I drove all the way to Orlando to meet someone in person like they told me to and they blew me off saying I needed to speak to yet someone else and wasn’t sure if they wanted humor in their sacred space!!

    This is what I meant by saying I just don’t have the energy to beg anymore. I have a kick ass show and if you can’t see it then f-ya!

    BUT the tide is turning!! I contacted a place Leah gave me in Tampa and this is the FIRST place I have cold called that actually said yes!!!

    This place in Tampa I just e-mailed my press release and a testimonial from Rev. Duffy AND they want us! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    Oh Leo I am sooooo looking forward to sharing it with the people that ave stuck by us through it all! Back stage passes for everyone!!! Oh yea, there will be a list! I know whose been ‘naughty’ or nice! I have my black list! Believe me! ;-)

  4. kimberley says:

    hmmm, I take it you don’t care for John Edwards friend too much, lol.
    I can’t believe they wouldn’t jump at the chance as well, what’s wrong with them and why wouldn’t they want humour in “their” sacred space, can’t be that sacred if you ask me. They obviously don’t get the healing power of laughter. When we were growing up and things where tough, my Mum always said “you have to have a good laugh” and she’d make us see the funny side of it. You make me laugh just reading your blog, I can only imagine how terrific your show is! Well, there loss. Congrats on the yes in Tampa!!!

  5. admin says:

    When that woman told me about the healing space and that there were Buddhists in the group I said “Have they ever heard of the Laughing Buddha???” Helllooooooooo! Too sacred for laughter?? Just blew me away! They haven’t a clue! Pullease! Have they seen a platypus?? God definitely has a sense of humor!

    If we can laugh when sitting with Andrew after he ascended AND at Andrew’s service, well then I’m sorry, NOTHING is off limits!

    At John’s friend’s place I was first told to e-mail my info to the owners. I said sure absolutely, then he tells me to hold on, comes back and sez “We’re not interested.” click

    SO called Light Worker’s are no better than dealing with Hollywood sometimes! These were just a few examples of many calls I’ve made.

  6. Janet says:

    chicken butt??? lol just got a kick out of that had to say so! lol Hope your having a good day. Say hello to Martin and the KId”s”, although Andrew was so young the last time I saw him WOW Connie my dear we are getttttttiiinnnggggg ollllddddddd lol love you all hope to see you soon!

  7. admin says:

    Dunno what came over me with the chicken butt, I heard it in my head and away I typed. :-) Getting old?? I can’t get old quick enough now! Altho I don’t want to look it. Getting carded 4 times since Oct, I must be on the right track!

    Hoping to make it over to east coast soon!!

  8. Swati says:

    [quote]I look forward to the day when I can share the great joy and success that Martin and I are bound to have!…You have seen me through the absolute worse event in my life and I look forward to sharing the absolute best! [/quote] Now that makes me grin ear to ear!! I LOVE your attitude!! Way to go!

    No, it has never been difficult to come here and read your blog because of anything you have to share…the good, the bad or the ugly. It has become difficult for me only now because I am preoccupied with stuff. Never because of you. Here I only find inspiration. Even through your tears you have only sent out inspiration. And even in your anger you have made us laugh…can never forget that first radio show.

    About people being rude to you when you ask about performing…you must be knowing that most successful people…the really wildly successful ones have been snubbed before and even been told they were no good. Whenever I read about them, I laugh because of the things they said they have been told.

    Connie, let me tell you something about what I thought of you when I first got to know of you. I got the vibe of…she’s a celeb. And I will maintain that vision for you. To me you will always be a celeb, and soon you will be to all others too. You will do this, for you, for Martin, for Elatia, for Andrew, and for all of us who love you and want to see the BEST for you.

    I love it that you say now that the tide is turning. Yes it is. With one good thing the tide turns. With that place that Leah told you about…it all changes. That was the turning point…and now no looking back.

    If I owned a place like that ATP, or like Edwards’s friend…I’d jump at such an opportunity. But I don’t even have an email list!! LOL!!! How stupid is that? BUT….I plan on changing that. I am working on starting a cool newsletter…which won’t be just about marketing…in fact selling would be a small part of it. I want to make it really useful for people. So that way I could have people in the list, and could also use it for marketing — for me and for my friends, and anything else I think would be beneficial to everyone. Your shows will definitely be beneficial to people…what a combination…mediumship and humor!


  9. Leila says:

    “I’ll tell you what chicken butt! LOL”
    Isn’t this supposed to be followed by the chicken dance???? LOL

    Glad you’re feeling better!!! and happy to see Swati back!!!

    Connie, no worries about the people that just don’t *get* you. Shake the dust off your feet and just focus on all the one’s who do! (we can’t be the only ones–eek– what would that say about the rest of us???? LOL LOL LOL)

    Seeing the doors wide open, the red carpet rolled out, a packed house and celebrating your abundant success!!!! And so it is!!!!

    love & hugs

  10. Karen T. says:

    I see it too!

    And I have to say that I laughed out loud a bit at the chicken butt reference and had to stop reading and sit quietly for a few minutes. As usual, I am the only one up at this hour (1:40am) and my laughter stirred Zach…I heard him on the monitor! If I don’t want him to get up, I have to remain a bit quieter. No more butt references please!! LOL

  11. Pretty Mama says:

    LOL LOL LOL Karen! My bad! :-D

    I did exactly that Leila after I wrote it…forgot to write that down ;-) I’m sooooo glad to see Swati make an appearance!

    I second that one Leila! Seeing them doors wide open and the red carpet of opportunity all rolled out and the opps pouring in!

    You know Leila, it sez a lot about all of us fo sho! It sez we have a great sense of humor! And those other putzs do not! I know it is true that ALL of the greats have been turned down. The Beatles, JK Rowling! Can you believe that!? How many publishers are kicking themselves!??

    Andrew and I came up with a Witchy Woman video game while in the hospital. It would teach kids about crystals, herbs and the human body! I have all kinds of merchandise ideas. Like a Witchy Woman doll with wiener dog! ;-) I already have a book, a DiVaD, & my own signature perfume WiZdom. I just need the right marketing person. Not many comedians I know have this much to market!

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