You Dirty Rat!

As you know, if you have read my books or this blog for any length of time, everything is energy and you can work with it. We all do it, but most people do it unconsciously. Author, Ted Andrews talks about working consciously with energy in his book, “How To Meet and Work With Your Spirit Guides.” It was one of my first books that I read about metaphysics. In it he discusses how to work with the Elemental energy in your yard, (you know, the faeries, elves, leprechauns etc.), your own etheric security system if you will. I found all of this fascinating and wanted to know more. It stirred a deep knowing inside of me.

I continued to learn more by reading various books by metaphysical authors and taking classes and staffing Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner(r) class. In that class I learned from Steven Farmer on how to work the energy of animals. Steven being a Shamanic practitioner added the Native American philosophies in this class. As I learned about all of this, it just made so much sense to me. It was information I already knew but hadn’t accessed it consciously yet. I could go on and on about the things we have worked the energy with, but there’s not enough room in this blog post for it. The fact we have a granddaughter now is just one example.

We have been in our house for 11 years now. Apparently there has always been a rat issue from time to time. We use to have pet rats, but I’m not a fan of the wild ones. One wild rat was actually ballsie enough to live in our utility room, chew through my dryer vent, and crawl up Martin’s arm! Not sure what happened to him, I guess he went on his merry way. His work was done here.

Well, they’re back! Like hearing them scurrying around in the ceiling of Kaliana’s room while I’m rocking her isn’t bad enough, I started hearing them gnawing away in the ceiling of my bathroom/bedroom! OMG! What the hell are they gnawing on? What damage are they doing to my house? I was really getting pissed off with all of this! I asked St. Francis, patron saint of animals, to move them along. Nope! Still hearing them gnawing away in the morning. I asked Andrew, “Dude! Get rid of this rat or whatever the hell it is gnawing up there!” Nada! So we put up rat traps. Didn’t want to do it, but we had to do something. The Ascended Masters were absolutely NO help at all, and neither were the traps, OR Psychic Boy, Super Natural Hero, for that matter, with these critters!

I mean what? Do these rats have discriminating taste now? They only eat aged, fine cheeses? And not your run of the mill plastic cheese? Martin said he did what he could energy wise. Seriously dude? You work with the weather, but can’t get rid of rats? So not impressed with your Elvin skills at the mo! It’s like these rodents are taunting me! Oh, it is so on now! I will not be out smarted by a freakin rodent! So what’s a Wise One to do? I’ll tell you! Take things into my own hands…and wand!

I remembered what Steven Farmer said about working with the spirit energy of animals. Hmmm, so what do rats or rodents not like? SNAKES! So the other morning as I hear the gnawing going on, I figure I will use snake energy to get these rodents outta here! As I hear the gnawing while I’m getting ready for work, I decided to etherically put cobra snakes up in my attic. As I’m putting on my mascara, I casually visualize cobras in my attic in their attack stance all over my attic. I go about my business getting ready for work, and when I go back into my bathroom, what do I hear? NOTHING! Just SILENCE!

I figured, “Ok, the rat got tired, got lock jaw or something because that’s a lot of gnawing for one rodent.” BUT the next morning what did I hear? NOTHING again! I was like, “WOW! This stuff really works!” So I got out my 7 inch smokey quartz wand and amped up my energy work with the cobra energy. I have them suckers ALL over my attic now! AND I will continue to use cobra energy until we get the areas fixed where these rodents were getting in at.

What I realized was, Andrew you dirty rat, he didn’t help me with these critters because he knew I could do this myself. He wanted me to step up and into MY power more, and not take the easy way out. I have been lax since Andrew left, and this incident has let me know it’s time to take my power back. Thank you Muck/Andrew, PureHeart, St Francis and Martin, for making me step up and back into my power more!

What are YOU waiting for? Step into your power now! Because when you do…


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