Yes, We Are Spirits Having a Human Experience…

But what many people seem to forget who realize this fact, is that it doesn’t make the human experience any less important. We still have to honor our human side. I see it time and time again with Light Workers. They feel guilty for wanting something or doing something that is human, but not necessarily spiritual. For example, something as simple as coffee. People have been made to feel guilty for wanting coffee or a glass or two of wine etc if they are on their spiritual path, like somehow that will interfere with their connection to Spirit. For some that may be true, for a lot of people it is not. I just don’t feel there is any need for the guilt! Yes you are a Spirit having a human EXPERIENCE, so have a HUMAN experience! The human experience is a temporary one, our Spirit will live on forever and experience different planets, dimensions, etc. We come here for the HUMAN experience, so enjoy it, ALL of it!

I believe it’s about balance. Now some people came here to experience  being out of balance as a human. It’s not for us to judge. It doesn’t mean you have to tolerate it in your life either. Honor their journey and send them on their way if you have to. We have to remember that we each have our own journey we’ve signed up for. We may not understand why someone would choose certain experiences like, oh I don’t know, losing a child perhaps? We just have to trust that it is all in Divine order, and our Soul’s journey is richer for it, even if we don’t see that right away.

I loved how Andrew embraced his Avatar side and his human side in such a graceful way. While he was this incredible Master Teacher here, he was also a teenage boy, and he honored that side of himself by doing teenage boy things. Like shooting bb guns, archery,  killing hookers, drug dealers, and zombies, and collecting ears from killed characters in video games, in between meditating, working with crystals and herbs, studying Buddhism and Dr Emoto’s work. See? Balanced! He honored all sides of himself.

Even with all that I know about crossing over and the other side, I still have to honor the human part of the grieving process. I could pretend I was above all of that human grieving stuff, especially knowing I raised an Avatar, but I am in this human mother’s body, and while in this human body there are things I am just going to have to feel. I wasn’t going to pretend grief didn’t exist, because believe me, as a human, IT DOES! If I tried to suppress the grief because I know Andrew is ok, I know he is still with us, I know I still hear him, feel him, I know I will see him again, I would make myself ill or spontaneously combust! Part of my Soul’s journey is experiencing grief as a parent. Why did I choose such a heart wrenching  experience? Hell if I know! But I do know is that when I cross over it will all make perfect sense. I may choke my Higher Self first for this, but after that, it will all make perfect sense.

So the next time you have a human craving like caffeine, chocolate, wine, dirty dancing at a club, or behave in a very human way, like wanting (not necessarily doing) to pimp slap someone, don’t beat yourself up about it, embrace your humanness! Does being human suck sometimes? F**K yea it does! But that’s why you came here, to learn, to grow, and to experience ALL aspects of being human, even the suckie parts. Part of our learning experience for coming here is also being able to find the balance of being a Spirit having a human experience. So enjoy ALL parts of yourself, your Spirit side and your human side, while also remembering…


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15 Responses to Yes, We Are Spirits Having a Human Experience…

  1. Martin says:

    That is awesome. You nailed it Pretty Mama.

  2. admin says:

    Why thank you Marts!

  3. Karen T says:

    I love this one!!! I am so sharing this direct with some of my lovies. Thank you Connie!

    Glad my human experience came across yours!!

  4. barbara farrell says:

    Perfectly expressed Connie!Well done!

  5. admin says:

    Thank you Karen & Barb! I am glad our human experiences crossed too Karen! I said to someone back in the 90’s at an Angel meditation that we are a Spirit having a human experience. You woulda thought it was the most profound thing she had ever heard. It wasn’t something I had heard, it was something I just knew.

    Martin has been saying lately that we are human, it kinda sounded like he was disputing the whole Spirit in human form theory. I knew that’s not what he meant. Then I saw how a young psychic man I know, close to Andrew’s age & had been on the tv show Psychic Kids, was being reamed for sayin he occasionally smoked pot to help ease his anxiety. The energy of this planet is hard for him to take at times. He has taken himself off the prescription drugs for it. He got a whole lotta, “Well so & so (metaphysical teacher) sez you shouldn’t do this or that because it blocks you from Spirit. If you are truly connected you don’t need anything to relax or cope!” BULLSHIT! I am just tired of these holier than tho attitudes in ALL belief systems, religious or not! They needed to be called out! So Martin & this young man were my motivation to finally write this, but the so many people that feel guilty about even drinking coffee or wanting chocolate were my inspiration as well.

  6. Love it…. To many I know do not embrace this human side then have to go away from people because they can’t face it. I agree we don’t have to act on it though when I have those feelings of getting upset with others I still look for the lesson. Some days I’m just so tired and need rest. Soon I’ll have my own place again and alone time to rebuild energy. In the mean time, yeah I flare fast. As any good Double Leo should…lol love reading. Thanks for putting the link on facebook so I could read faster. Hugs to you both

  7. Cathy Talsma says:

    Connie, everytime I read your blogs I am so inspired. I feel like a new person. I’m so glad I have you and Martin in my human life. Cathy

  8. Robin says:

    I absolutely love the way you communicate. Listening to you and Martin and reading this blog about our “human side” has helped me so much. It’s all stuff that I’ve known and practiced for years, but there are times I “forget”. Hearing your words and reading your words “reminds” me and I get back on track…back in balance.

    Keep it up, both of you. You are light workers and totally fulfilling your purpose.
    Peace & Love always,

  9. Darlene says:

    Thanks Connie, be a little more blunt next time.

  10. admin says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to hold back Darlene. LOL

  11. admin says:

    That’s why we do what we do, to inspire people & hopefully help them on their journey or remind them of what they have forgotten. Thank you for tuning in Cathy & Robin!

  12. Sabine says:

    Consider yourself kissed and hugged stupid Connie :-) Absolutely LOVE what you wrote!!!
    I remember Doreen said some years ago when she asked her angels what’s the advantages of being here on earth. Angels said “Pizza, chocolate and orgasms” :-) I couldn’t agree more. No more soy for me, found out I’m allergic to it LOL Guess what? Chanelling & stuff works even when having had meat&chocolate *giggles* LOL

  13. Swati says:

    Oh…and as you know yourself, people are made to feel guilty even about grieving! One is supposed to NOT grieve or miss the person they have lost, or feel anything about it except joy. I have had enough arguments about it. I think many “spiritual” people are no less fanatic than the religious fanatics.

  14. admin says:

    You are soooo correct Swati! The crap I have been given for just not getting over it after a short while? Puleease! I didn’t just lose my dog, I lost my son! Well, his physical presence which is HUGE to lose. Spiritual people can def be as bad as the religious ones. They become just as fundamentalist as the Bible thumpers.

  15. admin says:

    That’s why I just had to write this, I still see too many LightWorkers beating themselves up for even eating meat or diary. You’re human for a reason, so honor it, embrace it, AND have some fun! ;-)

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