We finally got approved for medicaid! Wooo Hoooo! And we only had to submit our info a gazillion times!! And when I say we, I mean Andrew is approved. I guess Martin and I are still screwed if we need medical attention.
If the hospital wanted to see any money they better have gotten on the ball! Martin and I never worried about it because it is so ridiculous and laughable really. This whole deal will be at the very least $600,000, probably closer to a million dollars! Even a 6 figure income couldn’t afford this!
See??? It pays not to have insurance or an income!! If we did have insurance we would’ve been screwed! Which is why I’ve never gotten any. It’s cost over $400 a month and I’d still have to pay for medical bills??? Bite me!

Apparently we can also apply for SSD for Andrew. Not sure why we can but we can. Martin said he’s up for getting it. I say more power to him!
We’ve paid enough in taxes (altho not $600,000 worth) so I guess it’s about time to take advantage of what we qualify for.
So now I can just ignore the stack of medical bills piling up at home. Oh wait, I was already doing that. Will have to think of something more creative to do w/them! :-)


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