For those of you who aren’t on the Angel board and didn’t go to the service, here is the poem Steven Farmer wrote for Andrew. Here is a small sample of the out pouring of love & support we have received from around the world! It is a testament to how many lives Andrew has touched just by being him! If I’m not mistaken I believe Andrew nudged Steven to write this……

For Andrew
October 23, 2007

Young Warrior
Racing his fiery steed
Across these holy skies
Dirt on his boots
Flowers in his hair
Moonlight in his eyes
One hand waving free
Casting blessings upon the sea
Laughing into eternity

Prophecies hold no bearing
When you’re alone with your memories
Craving the sweet caress of God’s hand
Crying out for relentless compassion
Yearning to embrace the bittersweet mystery
Of hope torn from your fingers
While clinging to the sacred promise
Of our soul’s immortality

Steven’s words…….

“I’m convinced there’s no way that any of us can truly know what it’s like to lose a child to death, although most of us have had some experience of losing a loved one. But a child? At the most we can understand to some degree, imagine what it would be like, but still it can only skim the surface of the depth of pain and grief that such a passing brings about.

Andrew was a true warrior throughout this process. There were so many of us who were praying, wishing, hoping, and sending love to him and his family that I’m sure he could feel and know it. He was courageous throughout this heroic battle and appreciated the strength and compassion from Martin and Connie and Elatia and their utmost dedication to this young warrior’s battle.

Our hearts and our prayers continue to go out to them. Andrew’s doing just fine, so our attentions now need to go to Martin, Connie, and Elatia, not only in the aftermath of the next several days, but down the road, three, six, twelve months from now as they process through how their lives have changed, whether through a prayer, a phone call, an email, a message on this board, or a hand on a shoulder. I know they have and will continue to appreciate the powerful love and compassion that has come from everyone in our ATP family.

Since I heard the news, I have grieved, from time to time the emotions welling up and overtaking me. I surrender to these moments, yet felt the need to do more. What I came up with was the poem above. It’s for Andrew, for Connie, Martin, and Elatia, and all of us.

The other piece that jumped out at me was a Native American saying a student had given me. I frankly don’t recall whether it’s Lakota or Navajo.

Hanta Yo! Wakan ya hebo welo

Clear the way! In the most magnificent, awesome way, I come!

(Phonetically) Hanta Yo! Wa-kan yah hee boo wee ay lo!”


Thank you Steven! We love you and Doreen so very much!

Thank you all for your love and support throughout this whole journey!

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  1. Swati says:

    I loved reading what Steven had written. It was very relieving and healing…

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