Is all I can say about our concert on March 28th at Crystal Vision in Hwld. It was just AMAZING! (the Ft Myers one was canceled, their loss big time!) It was more than we could have imagined! Martin’s sister AnneMarie & brother in law, Tony, were there visiting from Ireland & they were just blown away by it. Tony said “It was a gripping concert.” AnneMarie said that “anyplace that turned you down or anyone who didn’t make it tonight, do NOT know what they are missing!” I was shocked that they loved it so much. They are not into this sort of thing, they are Muggles if you will. Wink SO for them to feel the way they did, I knew Martin, Andrew and I are onto something HUGE here! Paul, a guy I went to HS with & haven’t seen in 30 yrs (thank you facebook!) was there and brought 3 people. Here’s what he said, “I should add that it was exactly as you advertise (invite sounds better) & MORE. I came with no expectation (an open mind) at all of what was to be done – there is a little something for everyone to derive from that very personal, poignant evening. We not only celebrated Andrew but ourselves and each other & that’s a lesson everyone would love. I cannot wait to see you again.” I can’t wait to get the owner, Myrna’s, response in writing as well. She knew nothing about us and took a chance on us. Myrna, without a doubt is connected to Spirit and trusted. It was just a beautiful evening of love, music, tears and laughter. Having a group of 30 made the concert much more uplifting. They sang “Imagine” with Martin and the chorus of “Only Love Is Real” and “It’s All Good.” It was so cool to have the audience particapate! We also had 2 other friends, Michelle and Vito, that were there that knew Andrew when he was little. They always adored Andrew. They had some pretty cool stories to share with us about our Muck. It was great to see them again.

A woman, Rosario, was there that works at the center and bless her heart! She raised her hand towards the end of the concert to give a message from Andrew. She couldn’t hold him off anymore! The wonderful thing was, was that she was actually getting a message from Andrew! We have had people at our comedy show & other times, tell us they are hearing him when in fact they are not because their message is negative. Andrew wasn’t negative here so why the heck would he be there?? DUH! Anyhoo, Rosario’s message was a beautiful one telling us how proud & happy Andrew is of us because we CHOSE not to sit in our grief but to move through it and get out there and help others heal theirs. She had references that we know could only be from Andrew. I had to fight back the tears. That night we truly were one heart and one mind.

The interesting thing is, AnneMarie had listened to the cd already but didn’t have the emotional response like she did at the concert. It is the stories along with the music that make this concert so profound and powerful.

I can’t wait till our next concert on April 11 @ The Temple of Love & Healing in St Pete! There will be people from All Children’s Hosptial there. It’s gonna ROCK!


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    Funny – while reading this, I got a mental picture of Rosario filling out an application and getting permission to list Andrew as one of her “References”. LOL! Sounds like an awesome show! But having been part of one up here leaves me no doubt (if I had any) that your shows will just get better and better and bigger and bigger! SRO! SRO! SRO!!!

  2. admin says:

    You know Leah, it makes a difference when there is more than 5 people. It just magnifies the energy. Having 30 people there rocked! Can you imagine when we have 100’s or even 1000’s?? It’s gonna be mind blowing! SRO! SRO! SRO!

    Even the Jonas brothers did concerts with 10 people in the beginning. We are on the right track!

    LOL I’ll be expecting a permission slip from Rosario soon then.

  3. Swati says:

    Yeah! I just read this on the announcement board! Sooooooooooo thrilled with this!!!! :-D :-D :-D I can always imagine you guys doing shows for 100’s and 1000’s of people!

  4. Karen T. says:

    Rock on! I am doing the happy dance here…quietly though…it’s 5:41am and I can’t go to sleep…LOL. Loving being able to catch up. Yay!

  5. admin says:

    AHhhh keeping my hours I see Karen!

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